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Ventilátor Garden Highpro Clip Fan 15CM / 5W Cover
Ventilátor Garden Highpro Clip Fan 20CM / 12W Cover
Stojanový ventilátor RAM 40cm, 3 rychlosti Cover
Red Scorpion Ventilator PLASTIC 125mm, 450m3/h
Red Scorpion Ventilator PLASTIC 100mm, 322m3/h
Red Scorpion Ventilator METAL 315mm, 1940m3/h
Red Scorpion Ventilator METAL 100mm, 320m3/h
a20561 beauty 3q 400x400
Lasco 20 Cyclone Pivoting Floor Fan Featured Image
PF 18 oscilační CULCDCVEN9017
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Fans keep the air moving in your indoor growing area, making the crop less susceptible to mould. Good airflow is necessary if you want strong plants and the best possible yields.


How to choose a compatible fan and filter?
The maximum output of the fan should always be lower than the maximum capacity of the filter. This way, you make sure that neither the filter nor the fan gets overloaded and that both elements perform as they should. For more information, check out our article: Carbon Filter - Which One?

There's a plethora of available options, from the classic fans to the specialised models, such as the silent fans ideal for peaceful home growing or professional fans with an EC motor made in Switzerland. Naturally, we sell premium quality products only, made by brands renowned in the industry.

So, how to choose a ventilator?

Providing the optimal supply of fresh air for the cultivating area is one of the fundamental tasks for any grower. Whether a beginner or an experienced gardener, you should arrange the best atmospheric conditions for your plants. Select a fan for air intake and output according to the size of your grow area, light intensity, the capacity of the ventilation system and the demands of the crops you're about to plant.

Fans are divided according to their design into axial and radial fans.

  • Axial fans produce a direct, high airflow at a 180° angle on a smaller distance (about 5 meters). They can't handle the higher pressure required for complicated ducting with obstructions in the form of bends, grates, flaps, etc. They also can't be attached to a carbon filter. Axial fans work best installed on the ceiling or a wall. The best-known type is the TT ventilator, but we also recommend brands like Prima Klima and RAM.
  • Radial (also called centrifugal) fans can handle much higher pressures. They reliably direct air perpendicularly to the propeller axis at a 90° angle over significantly longer distances. Twisting ducting and other obstructions are not a problem for radial fans. You will have no problem pairing one with a carbon filter and installing it. There are three types of radial fans differing in the shape of the blades: forward, backwards, or radial blade centrifugal fans. Each has its own specific characteristics: 
    • Radial ventilators with 40 to 50 forward-curved blades are the cheapest option, with efficiency ranging from 55 to 65%.
    • Radial ventilators with 8 to 15 backwards-curved blades are much more efficient at 80 to 85%.

You can attach both radial and axial fans to a ceiling or a wall.


  • Prima Klima's top-quality and affordable radial fans are very hard to beat!
  • We recommend to our customers to use ventilators with a regulator. Using a speed controller, you can set fan speed according to your needs.
  • Ventilators differ in noise levels, which often plays a deciding role in the selection process, especially if you intend to use the ventilator inside your home. Besides using the quiet Whisperblowers or RAM Silent models, you can also make an ordinary fan less loud with a silencer.

If you'd like any help with choosing a ventilator for your grow room or tent, contact us at info@higarden.eu.