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Garden Highpro VKO 150, axiální ventilátor Cover
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RAM axiální ventilátor VKO 100mm + 1,5m EU kabel Cover
RAM VKO Axial Ventilator 100mm + 1,5m EU cable
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RAM axiální ventilátor VKO 100mm + 1,5m EU kabel Cover
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RAM axiální ventilátor VKO 150mm + 1,5m EU kabel Cover
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Garden Highpro VKO 125, axiální ventilátor Cover
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Garden Highpro VKO 100, axiální ventilátor Cover
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Do you need a cheap but reliable ventilator for a small grow tent? Then this line of small axial ventilators is just the thing for you. They find use in any small space with short ducting without many turns or filters. They can also outtake air directly through a wall.

The VKO ventilators are designed for continuous operation and are completely maintenance-free!

The body and impeller of the fan are made of durable ABS plastic resistant to UV light. Compared to common axial ventilators, the VKO ones are more effective and last longer because of their smart and precise construction.

VKO ventilators have a low-wattage electro-engine with built-in overheating protection, guaranteeing low power consumption and safe operation.

The VKO axial fans for air intake or outtake reach a maximum airflow of 358 m3/h and are compatible with 100, 125 and 150mm flanges. 

TIP: Our customers love the Garden HighPro ventilators not only because of their attractive design but also because of their excellent ventilation properties. Installing them is easy - you only need to add this power cable to your basket.

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