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LUMii BLACK reflektor s IEC kabelem zezadu
eng pl Spectromaster High Gloss Reflector for CFL 50cm x 43cm 525 2
Stínidlo Cooltube LUMii AeroTube - O150mm Cover 7185
HAMMER s V-prolisem, zkompletováno a sestaveno Cover
WAVEflector XXL, komplet Foto2
WAVEflector XL, komplet Cover
Adjust a Wings Enforcer Medium Reflector
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Give your light direction! An HID lamp shines everywhere without a reflector - but you don't need to light the ceiling! Use a reflector to reduce light scattering and maximize the effectivity of your lighting setup.

The best way to choose a reflector is according to the size of the growing area. We offer products from many renowned manufacturers, like LumatekLUMii, and PrimaKlima. If you're struggling with high temperatures in your grow box, we recommend the Cooltube air-cooled reflectors.

  • If you are a beginner growing plants in a small area (60x60 cm), you can use a very simple reflector, like this one by LUMii.
  • For spaces around a square meter, the Waveflector XL is an absolute bestseller, offering good performance for a lower price.
  • Waveflector XXL  and similar sizes are recommended for larger areas.

Generally, for spaces of less than 1m2, a smaller reflector (and 250 W or 400 W bulbs) is recommended.

To light areas up to 2 m², we recommend a large reflector and 600 W or 1000 W bulbs.

TIP: With a complete fixture kit (like this one by Lumen King), you can buy a lamp, ballast, and reflector in one package.