Carbon Filters

Choose from a wide selection of odour filters, from cheaper options to products designed for professionals. A carbon filter connected to a fan purifies the air in spaces used for indoor growing. The main functional component of these filters is activated carbon, which removes unpleasant odours from the grow tent. Carbon filters are environmentally friendly and have a positive effect on air quality.

When choosing a filter, pay particular attention to the airflow and duct diameter (flange).Check out the inline carbon filters if you want to place the filter outside the grow tent or directly into the ducting.

The second important thing when selecting a carbon filter is the volume of activated carbon. The amount of carbon directly affects the efficiency of the filtration of odours and impurities. PRO-ECO products excel in this regard.


The filters are further differentiated based on the type of activated carbon:

  • Pellets are small cylinders with a diameter of 2-6 mm, which absorb air impurities only through their base. Time-tested and proven filters with this type of high-quality charcoal are made (among others) by Prima Klima.
  • Granules are chopped pieces of coal (1-5 mm) capable of absorbing particles with their entire surface. As a result, they offer significantly better results than pellets of the same mass. This filter type is made (for example) by PRO-ECO, which uses excellent activated charcoal from Australia.

The filter's weight is often decisive when figuring out how much carbon is in it, but be careful - there's a difference between the weight of the casing and the weight of the carbon. The cover is usually steel - making it durable but not exactly lightweight (ECO VFPrima Klima). Aluminium is much lighter than steel - so if the filters have the same weight, the amount of carbon in the filter is much higher.

The thickness of the coal layer has a direct influence on the filter's durability. The thicker it is, the longer its lifespan. It is that simple. A characteristic example is the excellent brand Prima Klima, which produces odour filters of the ECO (cheaper and with less thick layer) and Industry (thicker layer, higher price, not insignificantly longer life) lines.

TIP: Be sure to keep the non-woven pre-filter clean. These pre-filters are on the vast majority of carbon filters available and can significantly extend their lifespan.

You can't go wrong with any of these filters, but if you would still like some advice, we're here for you at


PRO-ECO VF uhlíkový filtr 320-480m3/h - 125mm Cover
Was: €58,90
PRO-ECO VF uhlíkový filtr 240-360m3/h - 125mm Cover
PRO-ECO VF uhlíkový filtr 160-240m3/h - 125mm Cover
Was: €40,90
Was: €159,09
Prima Klima filtr ECO K2601 - 480 m3/h - 125mm Cover
Was: €69,52
Prima Klima filtr Industry K1602 - 280 m3/h - 125mm Cover
Was: €65,17
Prima Klima filtr ECO K2600mini - 240 m3/h - 125mm Cover
Was: €54,30
Prima Klima filtr Industry K1604 - 700 m3/h - 125mm Cover
Was: €143,43
Prima Klima filtr ECO K2601 - 480 m3/h - 100mm Cover
Was: €69,52
240 items total
Prima Klima filtr ECO K2600 - 360 m3/h - 125mm Cover 1467
PRO-ECO VF uhlíkový filtr 580-870m3/h - 160mm Cover WFPROECO160H60
PRO-ECO VF uhlíkový filtr 320-480m3/h - 125mm Cover
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250h100 ECOVF250H100
Prima Klima Pre filter V300S 100/250 Cover
Prima Klima Pre filter V300S 100/400 Cover
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