Magnetic Ballasts


GIB Lighting Pro V T 2.0 600W
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vyr 6798 Lumii black sestava
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18215 predradnik gib lighting pro v t 2 0 150w
Předřadník MARI 600W Cover
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Předřadník GIB pro-v-t 100W 230V Cover
GIB Lighting Pro V T 2.0 400W
Ballast GIB PRO-V-T 2.0 400W 230V
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GIB Lighting Pro V T 2.0 250W
Ballast GIB PRO-V-T 250W 230V
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Předřadník GIB 750W HPS/MH Cover
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Ballasts power HID lamps by regulating voltage. They are necessary for HID lamps to function well.

A magnetic ballast is cheaper than a digital one, but it can have problems with overheating and is less energy efficient. Magnetic ballasts are usually heavier and noisier. If you use different lamps, you need to buy a dedicated ballast for each wattage.
Versions without casing come with a cable connector only.