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1Kg container PalmTreeAsh
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Guanokalong Vegetal Fertilizer (Volume 1l)
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1Kg container SweetBat RGB
Guanokalong Sweet Bat
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1Kg container Sugar Cane Powder RGB
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Guanokalong High Phos Powder
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Florizon komplet
Guanokalong Florizon
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Guanokalong Lava Worm
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 (Volume 500ml)
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2500x2500 1kg boxpouch black pellets 1030x1030
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Guanokalong tries to provide the most original organic fertilisers possible. 

They use only the best ingredients available from all corners of the world. Thanks to their modern and sustainable methods, some of their products boast organic certification from the Control Union for Organic Input (CUC)

Their ingredients come from all over the world, but they are best known for the bat guano collected in Java and Madagascar. Guanokalong adds Sumatra palm tree ashes, Norweigan sea algae, volcanic rock dust and worm droppings into their versatile fertilisers and soil improvers.

See their feeding charts for more information on dosing. 

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