BudBox Grow Tents

Why BudBox?


  • Since 2004... - Since its inception in 2004, BudBox™ has been, and remains, the most trusted name in the indoor grow tent market. We were here right from the start and we remain at the very forefront, continuing to manufacture & supply high quality, tried, tested & trusted grow tents to both the professional & hobbyist grower.
  • Strongest frames - 25mm diameter, tempered high tensile steel, black powder coated poles with 1mm thick walls, for all units ranging from PRO XL (120x120) up to the massive PRO Titans. The whole BudBox PRO grow tent range is equipped with steel, push & click fit corner and pole connectors. Whatever your heavy hydroponic equipment needs, no grow tent is stronger than a BudBox.
  • Best features - From PRO XL (120x120) and above - green viewing window, ,double cuff vents, screened passive vents, drip tray, strong zips, lightproof, multiple ports, dual access/set-up, main door clips, access doors, canvas completely unzips for cleaning, 20% oversize vents, double stitched seams, huge range of sizes including pitched roof models.
  • Massive range - With a HUGE range of different sizes in both PRO (available in either White or Mylar) and LITE (available in Mylar), there really is a BudBox grow tent for everyone. PRO sizes start at our Small 75x75x100 and go right up to the MASSIVE Titan 9 - 900x450x240! Our LITE range starts at 40x40x120 and also offers a HUGE 600x300x200 option


BudBoy tents are the absolute bestseller on the British market and not only there. No wonder!

- Each of the 100% lightproof grow tents is polished to the smallest details - from the high-quality components and robust frame all the way to the modern design
- Installation is done in the blink of an eye, and the tent will last for years. 
- BudBox grow tents serve beginners and experienced, demanding growers alike. 

Enjoy the crop you've worked so hard for and see how the plants are doing whenever you like. Thanks to the built-in green foil windows, you don't have to disturb the plants at all. 


When listing out the undeniable advantages of BudBox tents, we have to mention their versatility. They're compatible with any kind of grow lights and appropriate for hydroponic and aeroponic systems, as well as classic soil or coco gardening. You can choose from a plethora of different sizes and shapes. Do you want to grow plants in the attic and use all the available space? No problem - they have tents with a pitched roof! No matter what, how and where you want to grow, BudBox has a tent for you.

Do you like to have a silver lining in the tent, or do you want the premium white version with increased reflectivity? Or are you starting out and don't want to invest so much into a grow tent yet? 

Are you looking for a tent with metal connections, lightproof zippers and a completely flat bottom without unnecessary frame poles? Try the brand new BudBox PRO tents! Would you like more space for movement and plants even in a larger grow tent and detest needless vertical frame poles? Try a BudBox TITAN + tent!


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BudBox LITE 120x120x180cm
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BudBox LITE 80x80x200cm
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BudBox LITE 80x80x160cm
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BudBox LITE 60x60x140cm
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