RAM Ventilators

RAM is a British company specialising in manufacturing ventilation for hydroponic cultivation.

The Rapid Air Movement (RAM) company makes axial (VKO or Silent) and radial (Inline Fan) ventilators for maintaining the ideal temperature and pressure in a grow room or tent.

VKO axial ventilators are applicable at air outtake and intake. The main disadvantage of these axial ventilators is that they have problems with pushing air through obstacles (a curve in the ducting, reduction, filter and similar), which is why they’re not ideal for longer ducting and more complex ventilation systems.

RAM Silent is a line of exceptionally quiet axial ventilators with improved construction, which (unlike the VKO ventilators) can manage a small number of obstacles in the ventilation. They’re reliable in short ducting with only one sharp curve (with a more than 80° degrees angle) and can push air even through an odour filter at the intake. Every such obstacle lowers the airflow by 10-15%. We recommend using the most effective filter possible, which won't decrease the output of the ventilator too much. The customer favourite in this category is the reliable RAM Silent 125mm fan with two speeds and a built-in IEC socket.

RAM Inline Fan is a line of ventilators which push the air under much more pressure than the RAM Silent or VKO axial ventilators. They are modern fans suitable even for more complex or long ducting. For example, our customers favour the RAM Inline 100mm because of its flexibility - you can install it horizontally, vertically and in flexible or firm ducting.

If you're wondering which option from the wide range of fans would be best for you, don't hesitate to contact us at the well-known address info@higarden.eu.


RAM Silent 100mm 165/200 m3/h Cover
Was: €78,90
RAM Silent 200mm 690/840 m3/h Cover
Was: €174,90
RAM 250
Was: €184,90
UFO 200
Was: €169,90
UFO 150
Was: €114,90
RAM ufo 100
RAM Inline Fan 125 mm - 375 m3/h
Available on request
Was: €104,90
RAM ventilátor (typ UFO) 100 mm - 275m3/hod Cover
Was: €104,90