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High-quality organic fertilisers are the best way to enrich your plants at any growth stage. With Organics Nutrients, plants receive all the ingredients necessary for the perfect growth cycle. The product line contains everything they need to develop a healthy root system, grow quickly and produce high yields. Natural fertilisers sustainably improve soil quality, allowing for a fragrant and tasty harvest. Because of the easy application and natural ingredients, there is only a low chance of over-fertilising.

All Organic Nutrients products are suitable for soil or coco substrates. 

 The product line is easy to use and consists of the following:

  • Big Plant - Organic fertiliser composed entirely of mealworm larvae droppings
  • Big Start - High-quality organic root booster and soil improver with seaweed extract and humic acids
  • Power Plant - High-quality organic fertiliser for growth and bloom. It's perfect for all kinds of vegetables, fruit, herbs, flowers, etc.
  • Mykoriza Premium - Concentrated powder containing endo and ectomycorrhizal fungi, beneficial bacteria, microorganisms and Trichoderma.
  • PK Juice - 100 % natural liquid fertiliser which accelerates blooming

Organic Nutrients are the best choice for growers looking for fully natural products.

For more information, see the Organic Nutrients feeding charts or contact us at