Air Ducting

The diameter and type of flexible ducting will determine the quality of your grow tent's ventilation. Remember that the ducting must be compatible with the fan and the carbon filter. So pick carefully and don't hesitate to consult us at

How to pick ducting?

  • Pick the right size - if the flange of your ventilator and filter is 100mm, you should pick a 100mm ducting (or slightly larger - they fit better over the flange. Some manufacturers make the ducting a few milimeters larger to account for it)
  • If the ventilator and filter have different sizes, use a reduction to make it fit. The reduction shouldn't be placed behind the ventilator. Otherwise, it might have trouble running a sufficient airflow through it. You shouldn't reduce by more than one size (for example, from 125mm to 100mm or from 200mm to 160mm)

Which ducting should I use?

    • Aluflex is the most common single-walled pipe made of aluminium and plastic. It's the cheapest way to get reliable air ducting for grow boxes. They are suitable for temperatures up to 60 °C.
    • Combiflex is a sturdier version of Aluflex, coated in an additional layer of black plastic.
    • Sonoflex is a flexible ducting with insulation to reduce noise. However, this insulation means that the hose is approximately 30% wider.
    • PhonicTrap is a high-quality acoustic ducting. It's more expensive but has way better silencing properties than the Sonoflex.

Check out the accessories section, where you'll find everything necessary for making the ventilation operational. You can choose from a variety of products there, like Y connectors, mesh screens that prevent bugs from getting in and the necessary duct clamps.

Tip: If you are having trouble with noise, we recommend using Sonoflex together with fan silencers.

ALUflex COMBIflex SONOflex PhonicTrap
 Aluflex 100mm   Combiflex 100mm  Sonoflex 100mm  PhonicTrap 102mm
Aluflex 125mm Combiflex 125mm Sonoflex 125mm PhonicTrap 127mm
Aluflex 150mm Combiflex 150mm Sonoflex 150mm PhonicTrap 152mm
Aluflex 160mm Combiflex 160mm Sonoflex 160mm -
Aluflex 200mm Combiflex 200mm Sonoflex 200mm PhonicTrap 203mm
Aluflex 250mm Combiflex 250mm Sonoflex 250mm PhonicTrap 254mm
Aluflex 315mm Combiflex 315mm Sonoflex 315mm -
Aluflex 355mm Combiflex 355mm Sonoflex 355mm -
Aluflex 400mm - - -



Aluflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover
from €6,48
Combiflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover
from €10,40
Aluflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover
from €8,65
Odhlučněné potrubí PhonicTrap 127mm
from €38,90
Was: €38,90
from €35,90
Combiflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover
from €8,30
Combiflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover
from €12,50
phonic trap ducting
from €34,90
Was: €34,90
from €31,90
Aluflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover
from €8,65
Sonoflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover
from €20,90
Combiflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover
from €20,90
57 items total
Aluflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover ALU100/3M
Aluflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover ALU125/3M
Aluflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover ALU150/3M
Aluflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover ALU160/3M
Aluflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover ALU200/3M
Aluflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover ALU250/3M
Aluflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover ALU315/3M
Aluflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover ALU355/3M
Aluflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover ALU400/3M
Black orchid pro swirl 125mm
Combiflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover COMBI100/3M
Combiflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover COMBI125/3M
Combiflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover COMBI150/3M
Combiflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover COMBI160/3M
Combiflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover COMBI200/3M
Combiflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover COMBI250/3M
Combiflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover COMBI315/3M
Combiflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover COMBI355/3M
34647 combi flexibilni potrubi prumer 400mm 10m 39449
phonicn uzky
PhonicTrap 355mm soundproof pipe (Option 10m) N41112
Sonoflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover SONO100/3M
Sonoflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover SONO125/3M
Sonoflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover SONO150/3M
Sonoflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover SONO160/3M
Sonoflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover SONO200/3M
Sonoflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover SONO250/3M
Sonoflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover SONO315/3M
Sonoflex,průměr 100mm,1m Cover SONO355/3M