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Which growing medium are you using? Choose fertilisers and nutrients for:

SOIL             COCO         HYDROPONICS               CLONES AND SEEDLINGS

Fertilisers are the absolute basis of plant nutrition. Using them is every grower's personal alchemy. It's convenient to have a wide selection of nutrients to choose from, which is why we offer a diverse range of fertilisers suitable for all growing methods and media by premium brands like BioNova, Canna, Plagron, Terra Aquatica (General Hydroponics), Advanced Hydroponics, BioBizz and many more.

The range of fertilisers is abundant. To help you find your way around, here is a basic overview:


  • Organic fertilisers or bio-fertilisers provide you with yields of organic produce due to their 100% natural composition. Many reputable brands, such as BioNova Veganics, offer 100% plant-based products. Another good option is the BioCanna complete nutrition with organic certification. Purely organic fertilisers are excellent for plants growing in soil substrates, but they clog irrigation and hydroponic systems - with the sole exception of the Terra Aquatica fertilisers.
    Tip: When fertilising with organic fertilisers, adjust the pH levels using citric acid and other natural means.
  • Mineral fertilisers are entirely artificial, with each manufacturer trying to get as close as possible to nature. Synthetic fertilisers are suitable for coco, soil substrates, and hydroponic or aeroponic systems. Their advantage is a long shelf life - which is practically unlimited in the case of some products. Mineral fertilisers are often liquid, but we also offer special powdered fertilisers. For experienced growers, we also suggest the extremely concentrated mineral fertilisers by Metrop. However, dosing them requires experience, as a single unwanted drop can cause over-fertilisation, so be careful. 
  • Biomineral fertilisers combine synthetic and organic ingredients to give you the best of both worlds.

Both organic and mineral fertilisers can have one or more components:

  • One-component fertilisers are excellent for beginners, as you use a single bottle for the entire growing cycle. Just adjust the dose to the growth stage according to the feed chart. If you want an excellent 1-component fertiliser at an affordable price, we recommend (among others) the BioNova Supermix.
  • Two-component fertilisers contain two components in two bottles - one for the vegetative and one for the flowering phase. The combination is commonly referred to in modern growing as A+B. The bottles contain different ratios of nutrients to support different processes inside the plant. 2-part fertilisers are widespread and favoured because they allow the grower to adjust and personalise the ratios. BioNova, Canna or Plagron are the best fertilisers to get you started.
  • Three-component or multi-component fertilisers cover the three stages of the growing cycle. According to the feed chart, you mix the micro, grow and bloom ingredients in different proportions. 3-component nutrition (micro, grow, bloom) is a speciality of the Advanced Hydroponics brand.

In addition to fertilisers, growers use various supplements and additives. Boosters, stimulators, vitamins, enzymes and soil improvers will provide excellent results - high yields and juicy fruit - and help you enjoy a beautiful garden from the start. The following additives shouldn't be missing from any grower's equipment.

  • Root stimulators are indispensable during the first weeks of plant growth when they take care of the development of the root system. The more roots the plants have at the beginning, the more nutrients they can absorb during the later stages. The more nutrients, the more beautiful and vital they will be. It's simple.
  • Boosters (stimulators, accelerators) speed up the plant's metabolism and help the plant produce stunning flowers and big, juicy fruit.
  • Enzymes and minerals are the last of the three essential supplements it's wise to get in addition to basic fertilisers. These products work just like dietary supplements in humans. The plant can do without them but will be much healthier with them. Enzymes and minerals are the basis for healthy development and resistance to pests or diseases. In case your plants have a specific deficiency and lack a particular element, you can also supply them individually, most often with Nitrogen (N), Potassium (K), Phosphorus (P), Calcium (Ca) or Magnesium (MgO).

If you don't feel like picking and combining individual products, discounted kits are the ideal solution. They contain basic fertiliser and supplements, practical advice and feed charts. Ideal for beginners!

We'll also be happy to give you advice tailored to your needs to make fertilising a reliable recipe for the perfect harvest. Contact us at info@higarden.eu.