Advanced Hydroponics Fertilisers

Advanced Hydroponics is a Dutch manufacturer with over a quarter of a century of experience. Their three-part fertilisers meet the requirements of even the pickiest and most demanding professional growers. 

Their biomineral nutrition is intended for inert growing media, which makes it perfect for hydroponics. If you don't want to miss out on these premium fertilisers but grow plants in soil, you can still use them at half the recommended concentration. The nutrients dissolve easily in water and are fully compatible with all irrigation systems.

The Dutch Formula is a legendary name among growers. The term marks their complex nutrition divided into three components: GrowMicroBloom. The formula reliably provides all the micro and macronutrients (including trace elements) plants need throughout the entire growing cycle.

We also recommend their root and growth stimulators. Among additives, we must point out the Enzymes+. Don't forget to flush before harvest! The Final Solution makes it more effective and simpler.

If you want to try out and see the uniqueness of these fertilisers, consider getting the discounted fertiliser set.

Use their feeding charts to dose the fertiliser according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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