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The traditional German company, founded in 1996 in Bretten, exports its goods all over Europe and more than 20 countries worldwide, but its current headquarters are in the small Czech town of Radnice. Prima Klima develops and manufactures (among other things) modern ventilators divided in our shop into six categories according to their characteristics. 

The cheapest option is an AC ventilator with regular ball bearings. Even if you’re a beginner, we recommend buying an EC ventilator, which may have a higher purchase price but will pay off in the long run, thanks to its higher output and cost-effective operation. Plus, you can expect a considerably longer lifespan - an EC ventilator by Prima Klima will last you for a decade without a hitch.

The other way to pick a ventilator is according to its controls. If your goal is the most stable (micro)climate in the grow tent or room, you will appreciate an option with smooth speed regulation and a thermostat. We also stock two-speed versions with a switch. If you don’t need to regulate the output, the cheapest alternative is the single-speed ventilators. 

If you're looking to make your grow room or tent as quiet as possible, we can't recommend the Whisperblower ventilators enough.

If you have a large grow room available to you, or if you’re looking for equipment for an entire industrial hall, you’ll be more interested in the Blue Line ventilators.


Differently advanced growers favour the Prima Klima radial ventilators because of their exceptional price-quality ratio. These effective devices work without a hitch, even in more complex ventilation systems with an odour filter at the intake or several turns and lengths of up to 10 meters.

When making air conditioning components, Prima Klima takes pride in using hand-picked materials from renowned manufacturers like highly effective engine impellers from Germany or Switzerland. They also ceaselessly test and improve their products, maintain the German quality standards and keep up with the pace of progress - sometimes, they’re marching ahead of it. Prima Klima ventilators belong among the bestsellers on the air conditioning market for industrial or living areas.

TIP: If you’re interested in Prima Klima ventilators, you’ll get the most effective ventilation by combining them with original filters from the same manufacturer. They’re divided into the CarboCone, ECO and Industry lines according to their specifications. If you want to know more about these filters, check out our article: Prima Klima - Carbon Filters To Rely On.

If you’re at your wit's end and need help with picking the best ventilator to fit your needs from our wide array of products, don’t hesitate to contact us at