Torin Ventilators


Ventilátor Torin MDF Box 500m3/h Cover
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Ventilátor Torin MDF Box 7000m3/h Cover
€1 374
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€1 037,50
Ventilátor Torin MDF Box 6000m3/h Cover
€1 184
Was: €1 184
Ventilátor Torin MDF Box 5600m3/h Cover
€1 109
Was: €1 109
Ventilátor Torin MDF Box 4250m3/h Cover
Was: €779
Ventilátor Torin MDF Box 3250m3/h Cover
Was: €669
Ventilátor Torin MDF Box 2500m3/h Cover
Was: €629
Ventilátor Torin MDF Box 1500m3/h Cover
Was: €489,90
Ventilátor Torin MDF Box 1000m3/h Cover
Was: €464,90
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Over half a century of innovations!

The Torin-Sifan company has two manufacturing plants in Great Britain and sells more than a million products each year. They make highly effective AC and EC motors, motor impellers and unique ventilators with a long lifespan for home and commercial use.

You are guaranteed to be satisfied with these fans, which will last a long time. Because of their precise construction and forward curved blades, you can rely on minimal pressure loss. The characteristics of any ventilator by Torin-Sifan will suit any operation, not only grow rooms but also manufacturing halls and households. The output and original design of these ventilators have gained the favour of many users worldwide.

The Torin MDF ventilators have a shell made of MDF boards lined with acoustic insulation for discreet operation.

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