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Other Measuring Devices

Out of the products that help experienced growers stay in perfect control of their work, we especially recommend these:

  • With a digital electrical usage monitor, you can see how much electricity your appliances consume in a clear graph. Considering how much money you can save on power bills, this gadget definitely pays off.
  • To exactly measure the effectiveness of your lighting setup, use a lux meter.
  • Keeping track of CO2 levels has never been easier than with this practical small digital meter.


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al43 detektor zemniho plynu lpg (1)
AL43 - Natural Gas Detector, LPG
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33231 apogee instruments ac 100 komunikacni usb kabel AI-AC-100
33234 apogee instruments dli 600 epar meter
33240 apogee instruments mq 610 400 750nm epar meter N40328
33243 apogee instruments sq 520 sonda pro mereni par ppfd AI-SQ-520
Digitální Wattmetr Emos (měřič spotřeby energie) Cover
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34767 gse sgc senzor svetla
22195 purpl pro kanabinoid tester
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