Discrete operation of the grow tent is necessary, especially when growing at home. Silencers can reduce the amount of noise your fans are making, so they won't disturb you. They are very versatile and can fit almost all types of fans.

TIP: Use two silencers per fan! Place one at the intake and one at the outtake - and enjoy the silence.

You can get two types of silencers in our shop:

  • Silencers with a metal casing are mechanically more durable but heavier.
  • Just as adequate are the lighter silencers with a plastic casing.

However, no silencer can completely silence the fan motor itself - but there is a solution in the form of silent fans. We recommend the Prima Klima Whisperblowers and Sonoflex or PhonicTrap ducting.


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Silencer circular, flange 400mm
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Silencer, circular, flange 355mm
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