Water Filters

The quality of the water you use for irrigation is very important. Your plants will never reach their full potential without a good water source. The primary source of water makes no difference - with the products from this section, you can make almost any water crystal clear. The number one supplier is undoubtedly Growmax. Their filtration systems guarantee a supply of flawless water - the basis of the best harvest possible.

Tap water contains chlorine as a disinfectant. However, the amount harmless to the human organism can have a fatal impact on plants. To prevent this, clean the water with a filter, which gets rid of 99% of chlorine molecules.

If you're using water from a well, it can contain all kinds of bacteria and microorganisms. The water can also contain pesticides, insecticides or herbicides used in agriculture. Problems can also stem from cesspools that are (or have been) nearby or generally water that contains a high proportion of minerals. However daunting that may sound, these issues pose no challenge to a reverse osmosis filter.

Larger particles are easily caught by an inline water filter like this one by Irritec.

If you're unsure which filtration system you should choose, we will gladly assist you. Contact us at info@higarden.eu.


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