Relays, Timers and Control Panels


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2762 1 timer box ii 12x600w front 3phase
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Lighthouse Wireless Thermostat (CZ) Cover
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Hutermann Digital Socket Timer, 16A
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EMOS - Analogue Timer 16A
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MCS1 - Digital Timer Switch
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MCS3 - Analogue Timer Switch
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Lighthouse Wireless Thermostat (CZ) Cover

Use switchboards and timers to create the best conditions for your plants - they stabilise the climate in the grow room and simplify your growing experience. We offer many products from different brands - all you need to do is choose and let the equipment do the precision work for you. 



Relay boxes automate the operation of different appliances - the simplest ones turn them on. A relay is attached to a flat surface or a wall. Depending on their construction, they can regulate lighting, ventilation or heating. We have chosen the best products made by the most sought-after brands, tried and tested by many growers. We offer only the best for any grower. 

Timer switches 

If you want your plants to grow tall and flower beautifully, they need a routine. Using a timer is the easiest way to achieve and maintain it. A quality timer is an irreplaceable assistant for indoor growing and is a part of the essential technical equipment of every grower. Besides creating the necessary routine, they also save energy by turning appliances on only when required.

The bestseller in this category is this digital timer made in the workrooms of Lumatek in Great Britain. You can easily program it according to your needs and let it do your job for you.

An alternative to digital timers is mechanical (also called analogue) timers. Don't be fooled - they can get quite sophisticated.

Control panels

A quality control panel allows you to automate most of your technology, allowing you to focus on getting the best yields possible. Professional growers consider a control panel common-place - necessary even - as the investment is quite profitable in the long term. Optimising your process saves energy, water, and fertiliser. Some can connect to 10 different appliances and up to 30 sensors - or even more.

What can a control panel handle for you?

  • switching the lights on and off
  • regulating the ventilators according to the temperature in your grow area
  • humidifiers
  • CO2 generators
  • and many more

Are you interested in simplifying the growing process? We will gladly help you choose the right product for your needs if you contact us at