Thermometers and Hygrometers

Temperature and humidity inside the grow tent are highly significant. The microclimate should be kept constant and therefore checked regularly.

You can choose thermometers and hygrometers according to their construction:

The warmer the surrounding air is, the more water vapour plants can absorb. Just as the sun directly affects the temperature outdoors, artificial lighting affects the temperature in a grow tent. To adjust the temperature indoors, growers use heaters and ventilators. The ideal temperatures are between 24-27 °C during the day and 21-25 °C at night.

Speaking in basic terms, we can define humidity as the portion of gaseous water in the air. Relative humidity (RH), expressed as a percentage, is a way to quantify and measure this proportion. An RH of 100% would mean that the air contains the maximum amount of water vapour possible at a given temperature (the dew point). The ideal relative humidity for plants is between 40-60%. For seedlings, it is good to maintain a higher humidity of up to 80%.

Don't hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions about humidity, temperature and measuring devices. 


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