Prima Klima Ventilators with an EC Engine

The premium Prima Klima ventilators with an EC engine can run (despite their high output) very quietly and have been at the very top of the air conditioning market for years. 

The primary added value of these world-renowned ventilators is the detail-oriented German production and the efficient, high-quality EBM-Papst engine. These two things combined make them one of the best ventilators you can get. The housing, which protects the control system, connections and condenser, is made of impact-resistant, flame-retardant polyamide.

EC stands for “electronically commutated”. EC motors run on alternating current (AC) but are more similar to direct current (DC) motors. They’re essentially permanent magnet, brushless DC motors with built-in electronics. The electronics allow them to combine the advantages of AC and DC motors and improve on them.

Growers usually prefer an EC motor, which is more powerful than an outdated AC engine and, in the long term, the source of significant savings on operating costs. Simply put, they need much less energy to create the same airflow. Get better ventilation for less money.

The models differ in the flange size for connecting to air ducting with different diameters and maximum airflow (e. g. 360 m3/h, 680 m3/h, 1100 m3/h or 1450 m3/h).

Using the included installation console, you can easily and safely attach the ventilator to a wall or ceiling in any position.

If you’re wondering which ventilator from our wide range is the right one for you, don’t hesitate to contact us at, and our team of experienced professionals will help you pick the ideal option.


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33900 prima klima ventilator pk150 ecblue 150mm 1100m3 h ec motor PK150-ECBLUE
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