Prima Klima Blue Line Ventilators

High output and low consumption at the largest scale possible - these ventilators can run continuously at full power for 80 000 hours!

The royal Blue Line ventilators were made in Germany for the most demanding conditions and non-stop operation. Blue Line ventilators manage to produce incredible, massive airflows and so there’s no wonder that professional growers praise them to the heavens. They find use in air conditioning for large commercial or living spaces. 

The professional ventilators have a German EBM-Papst EC engine. If you take into account their high outputs, their noise level is still very low. Their energy efficiency easily exceeds the demands of the EU’s Energy-Related Products directive (ErP). The power and control systems are in a high-quality casing connected to the ventilator with a power cable. Characteristic is also a considerably flexible installation allowing for the perfect placement in any indoor setting.

The three products in our range differ in maximum airflow: 4250 m3/h (315mm), 4400 m3/h (355mm) and the incredible 8000 m3/h (400/450mm).

If you’re wondering which ventilator from our wide range is the right one for you, don’t hesitate to contact us at, and our team of experienced professionals will help you pick the ideal option.