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Save up to 40% on your electric bill with Lumatek! This brand supplies lighting for research centres, renowned universities, and publicly listed companies. Lumatek means top quality and long-lasting high performance. 

Lumatek light fixtures are very versatile. The light intensity is adjustable to the phase your plants are currently in, meaning you can minimize your costs by using only one light source for the whole growth cycle.

Studies show that using these lights can increase your harvest. It's no wonder. Lumatek is a long-time pioneer and has been a trendsetter for years. Safety is not a concern when using their products, as many include a smart controller protecting it from overvoltage, overheating, or short-circuiting. All LED lights by Lumatek are compatible with LVD and EMC.

For a short demonstration, check out this video promo (directly from the manufacturer) of a model from the ATTIS line. We offer this design masterpiece for an unmatched price. We stock products from their ZEUS, VF and ATTIS lines.