Full-Spectrum Supplemental Light: Lumatek BAR 2,9 100W

The British Lumatek introduced this new addition to the grow light market in the form of an individual supplemental LED bar with full-spectrum light using two words: perfection and versatility. This article explains the reasons on which they base such ambitious attributes and why they are in no way an exaggeration. 

lumatek cover

The incredibly practical full-spectrum LED bar, designed by innovators in the field of LED grow lights, is optimised to have a wide array of applications in indoor plant cultivation. Its versatility alone significantly facilitates the process of optimal plant growth in ways a supplemental lamp never has before. So what uses does it have? The LED bar can serve as: 

  • The primary light source for clones, seedlings or seed germination inside a propagator.
  • The supplemental light for shady spots in a grow tent or room.
  • The side light for the walls or the bottom of the grow tent.


You might be aware that Lumatek is one of the manufacturers who state data that is actually relevant to the product's performance, which is why the following specifications will certainly appeal to you:

  • Very high PPF output with an intensity of 295 μmol/s.
  • Very high efficacy of up to 2,9 μmol/J, which has, considering the purchase price, no competition on the current market. The efficacy of the fixture differs according to the input voltage.
  • Low consumption 
  • Long life - over 60 000 hours

The following factors significantly contribute to these features:

    • The newest generation of top-shelf LED diodes by Osram and Lumileds. These superb diodes not only produce balanced full-spectrum light, but they are fully dimmable without losing efficiency (the dimmer is sold separately)
    • Excellent passive cooling, which lowers the temperature of the diodes to prevent damage
    • The new Clear Glue technology and cover with an IP65 rating result in:
      • 99% light transmittance
      • No light loss
      • High resistance to corrosion
      • Fully dust-proof
      • Low-maintenance
      • Extended lifespan of the LED diodes
      • Nearly watertight


This supplemental LED bar is a light source suitable for flowering and vegetative phases because it perfectly imitates natural sunlight. It emits full-spectrum light of the same quality as any LED bar you might find on fixtures from the ZEUS 2,9 range with a single difference: this light is fully independent and has its own 100W driver. 

The reliable 100W driver turns it into a flexible, dynamic solution for higher yields. Add the light next to your existing ZEUS light to expand it, or use it as a supplemental light, a side light, or a propagator light to significantly improve your plants’ conditions.  


External controls and compatibility with the universal control systems

The Lumatek LED Full-Spectrum 100W BAR 2,9 is controllable only using external universal controllers 0-10V or the fully compatible Lumatek Digital Panel Plus 2,0, which has many features, such as:

        • Light timing
        • Automatic dimming
        • Safety grow room temperature checks 
        • Memory backup
        • Sunrise and Sunset modes



The British manufacturer extends a 5-year warranty for these lights. Naturally, the light has the cost-efficient, economical operation we’re used to in Lumatek products. Simply put, high output, low consumption and incredible lifespan. 

Don’t hesitate to ask us anything; that’s precisely why we have a team of experienced professionals at hand. Our address remains the same: info@higarden.eu.

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