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Lumatek ZEUS

An LED light from the ZEUS line by Lumatek represents the best you can ask from artificial grow lighting and has a well-deserved place on the very top of technological progress. They provide a balanced light spectrum-to-intensity ratio suitable for the whole growth cycle - from vegetative to flowering. It doesn't matter if you're growing herbs, fruit or vegetables - Lumatek lights imitate natural sunlight suitable for most species. 

The intense light emitted by the linear bars dotted with top-shelf, fully dimmable diodes with high efficiency will pamper your crop during every stage they go through until it's time for the bountiful harvest. Spending money on any Lumatek ZEUS light guarantees more joy from the fruits of your labour as well as the certainty of a quick investment return. 

In 2021 Lumatek introduced the higher specification ZEUS 2,9 line. Here are the main highlights:

  • Very high efficacy of 2.9 µmol/J and improved PAR spectrum
  • External controls - Compatible with the world-class Lumatek Controller
  • Clear Glue - new technology of the LED protective cover
  • More effective and durable top-shelf LEDs
  • Replaceable magnetic bars
  • User-friendly controls and easy installation - Plug & Play style
  • 5-year warranty!

The intensity of the light produced by ZEUS lights is adjustable to fit different varieties, species and growth phases without losing efficiency. The high efficiency and low power LED configuration with interchangeable magnetic click bars reduce the temperature of the LEDs. The result is higher output, simple maintenance and a longer lifespan. Compared to classic HID lamps (HPS or MH) with the same power consumption, the ZEUS LED lights produce 30-40% less heat. 


The ZEUS lights are fully compatible with the remote digital Lumatek Controller with automatic dimming, safety temperature regulation and Sunrise & Sunset mode. The Lumatek Controller can drive up to 100 lights at the same time.

The Lumatek ZEUS lights are also compatible with any universal control system, which uses a 0-10V output signal.


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