Lumatek ATS ( ATTIS )

The LED lights from the ATTIS line stand out at first glance because of their timeless design, which perfectly covers the grow area with high-intensity light produced by top-shelf diodes. Because of their technological advances, ATTIS lights show artificial grow lights in a new light. These lights provide the best price-to-performance ratio on the market!

Hot news of 2021 - that's the new ATTIS PRO lights!

  • Best price/µmol ratio on the market
  • High efficacy
  • Balanced full-spectrum light and fully dimmable diodes
  • Improved light dispersion and evenness
  • A compact design ideal for confined spaces
  • Very high FFP output and high-intensity shine
  • More effective and durable top-shelf diodes
  • Clear Glue - new technology of the LED protective cover
  • External controls - Compatible with the world-class Lumatek Controller
  • User-friendly controls and easy installation - Plug & Play style
  • Protective cover rated IP65P

The lightweight lights are available in 300 W (for lighting 1m2) and 200W (lights 0,8 m2) versions. Their characteristic balanced spectrum and brightness accommodate the full growth cycle, from vegetative growth to flowering. It doesn't matter if you're growing herbs, fruit or vegetables - Lumatek lights imitate natural sunlight suitable for most species. 

The intense light emitted by the linear bars dotted with top-shelf, fully dimmable LUMLED diodes with high efficiency will pamper your crop during every stage they go through until it's time for the bountiful harvest. Spending money on any Lumatek ZEUS light guarantees more joy from the fruits of your labour and the certainty of a quick investment return. 

The LUMLED diodes guarantee even light distribution in indoor grow rooms. The fixture has an innovative passive heat sink, which increases the lifespan of the fixture (no moving parts) and lowers the noise level. ATTIS lights generate less heat and can be placed closer to the tops of the plants.