A comparison of Lumatek LED lights: ZEUS PRO 2,6 vs ZEUS PRO 2,9

Since the British market leader introduced their new LED grow lights -  Zeus PRO 2,9, many growers have asked themselves about the differences and improvements between the new and old Zeus range. In this article, we would like to summarise the most apparent differences, pros and cons of the Zeus lights.



The design and most specifications stay the same - which is actually a good thing! Lumatek managed to design and improve the lights to have higher efficacy, PPF and an improved light spectrum without significantly increasing their weight or power consumption. Since growers worldwide favour the Zeus 2,6 (and any Lumatek light, to be honest), we were sure from the start that the new version would be a hit.

And how exactly is that possible? The answer is simple - by adjusting the construction of the bars and LEDs. 

  • ClearGlue cover - the new silicone cover for the diodes protects them from humidity and dust without affecting the light passing through it (99% light transmittance). It extends the lifespan of the diodes and makes the bars more resistant to corrosion. Lumatek also kept the nearly watertight (rated IP65)  top cover.
  • Different red/white light ratio - to smooth out the spectrum and make it cover more of the PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) spectrum.
  • New white LEDs - most of the diodes on the Lumatek light are white (82%), so using diodes with a higher efficacy significantly increased the PPE of the entire fixture. 


Lumatek is known as one of the few manufacturers whose words you can trust more than a politician’s. We know that independent growers all around the world swear by this brand, and their tests show that they’re not even slightly dishonest in their product specifications. With that said, let's demonstrate the above with a practical example.

If we compare the Zeus 600W 2,6 and Zeus 600W 2,9 we get this table which demonstrates the above claims in numbers:

PPE PPF Voltage Power Footprint Lifespan Weight
Zeus 600W 2,6 2,6 µmol/J 1570 µmol/s 220-277 V 615 W 1,4 x 1,4 m 60 000 hours 13,5 Kg
Zeus 600W 2,9 2,9 µmol/J 1770 µmol/s 220-240 V 615 W 1,4 x 1,4 m 60 000 hours 13,5 Kg

 To compare the way their light reaches the area below, check out these PPFD maps, which show about a 10% increase in light density:

mapa2  mapa1

So, is upgrading to a ZEUS PRO 2,9 really worth it?

If you’re looking for an extremely efficient light with high output and a relatively low price tag, you won’t find a better option on the current market than the Zeus 2,9. Lumatek lights always have a good price-to-performance ratio. However, it depends on whether you can use the light to its full potential. Grow rooms are closed ecosystems of their own, and the way your plants will use the provided light depends on many factors like temperature, air exchange and their health. Not to mention that if the fixture pays off depends on your electricity rates and harvests. 

On the other hand, if you already have the Lumatek Zeus 2,6 and use it fully, extra photons produced with the same wattage will definitely come in handy because of the better spectrum and output. When you look at the price-to-performance ratio, Lumatek is definitely the best option - their lights usually are - unless you have a very tight budget. 

To summarise, get the light if you want a better light spectrum for your plants, safer diode covers on the fixture and a 10% higher output at the same wattage. The new and improved light is more expensive, but the yields will be worth it.

However, if you’re on a budget and want to invest in a high-quality light, the ZEUS 2,6 is the best option. They’re not cheap, but the higher investment pays off quickly. The spectrum is optimised to fit PAR (photosynthetically active light) as best as possible, and the efficiency means energy savings in the long term. Even though the 2,6 range is not the best option available, they are still one of the best available LED fixtures on the market and have many features on their own. 

TIP: If you want a further upgrade for your lighting setup, both lights are compatible with the Lumatek Digital Controller Plus 2,0, which features automatic turn on/off, full dimming in 1% increments, sunset & sunrise simulation and many more. 

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