LED Lights by ViparSpectra

The technologically advanced LED indoor growing lamps by ViparSpectra are a global bestseller.

They are currently used by more than 20 million customers worldwide. Whether you're a beginner or an expert - these lights will dazzle you. ViparSpectra manufactures and distributes its products itself and keeps the marketing expenses minimal. All that so they can offer customers the most modern technologies for an unmatched price.

For example, check out these new releases: ViparSpectra XS1000 and ViparSpectra XS 2000. Equipped with ultra-modern LM301B microchips by Samsung, a high safety performance MEAN WELL driver, a highly adjustable dimmer, and heat sinks to ensure an ideal cooling system, they are unmatched in their price range. Compared to others, these devices bring growers up to 50% higher yields and up to 70% higher PAR outputs. Supplying a full spectrum of even light, they can fully substitute sunlight for your plants.

TIP: A long-time bestseller in the LED lights category is the compact ViparSpectra PRO Series P600. Even though the light is highly sophisticated, they're easy to install. The plug&play package contains everything necessary for installation.