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The Dutch fertiliser manufacturer Advanced Hydroponics has been helping the most demanding growers reach their cultivating goals for over a quarter of a century. Unlike other brands with a long tradition, they have a narrower product range. Instead of changing the winning formula, improve it according to the newest research. Growers of all categories appreciate these easy-to-use liquid fertilisers and nutrition supplements. Simply put, the biomineral fertilisers by Advanced Hydroponics are timeless. Read more and find out why they’re so popular!a_AH_COVERFINALSOKRAJEM

The brand’s history and approach

In 1993, Jay Jackson, the founder of Advanced Hydroponics, committed to finding an alternative to the products available in Holland at that time. He and other growers used commercial fertilisers, which just wouldn’t do.

He wanted to find a formula which is:

  • Easy to use
  • Highly effective
  • Reasonably priced

Seek, and you shall find - and Jay did. First, he consulted the experts on plant nutrition in the Aalsmeer research centre - their advice and research are the foundation of the world-famous “Dutch Formula” he created. Jay and his colleagues tested the fertilisers on their own crop, and the results were astonishing. Three years later, in 1996, Jay introduced the “Dutch Formula” to the world at the trade fair in Germany, and the unique composition of his products caused an uproar among European professional growers. Soon after, Jay Jackson came up with the “Natural Power” line of supplements. Advanced Hydroponics products now sell in Europe and 22 world countries.

Only for hydroponics?

We’d like to disprove the common assumption (which the brand name kind of invites) that this biomineral plant nutrition is usable only for hydroponic cultivation. The opposite is true - they’re applicable in any growing media. To use these fertilisers in soil substrates, simply add half the recommended dose. See the Advanced Hydroponics feeding charts for more information.

To prove it further, Advanced Hydroponics makes the Advanced Coco which is exceptionally popular among growers who favour coco as a growing medium. The pressed bricks are compact (30 x 31 x 11 cm) and lightweight (5kg) and expand into 70l of coco substrate when rehydrated. The resulting substrate has all the properties growers like about coco - incredible water retention, ideal aeration and (as a bonus) added Trichoderma. The substrate doesn’t contain salts, any sources of odour, rocks, roots or other impurities. 

The Dutch Formula a_AH_cover1

Yes, that is the formula Jay Jackson looked so hard for twenty years ago. To make the formula as easy to use as possible, he made it easy to mix and adjust. The Dutch Formula has three bottles which contain different nutrient ratios and compounds to allow the grower to tailor the nutrition to their plants’ needs. The Dutch Formula is highly versatile for this very reason - you can use it to grow anything.

Basic fertiliser

The basic liquid fertiliser consists of three parts: Grow, Bloom and Micro. According to the current growth phase, mix the parts in different ratios: 

  • 2:1:1 for the vegetative phase
  • 1:2:1 just before the flowering phase starts
  • 0:3:1 during full flowering


The first of the three components guarantees quick growth and ideal conditions for growth in the vegetative phase. It’s noticeable at first glance - the plants have deep green leaves and a healthy root zone. Grow is an important part of the nutrition schedule because it creates the optimal conditions for later bud formation during the following flowering phase.


The second component builds on the first one because of its composition. It stimulates the formation of massive, heavy buds in the flowering phase by providing additional phosphorus.


The third component is the key to success - it contains all the necessary micronutrients (trace elements) for healthy plant development. The trace elements are chelated for biological availability. Micro makes sure that the plants get a sufficient dose of micronutrients during the vegetative and flowering phases.

a_AH_Základní hnojiva

Advanced Hydroponics developed the “Dutch Formula” nutrition based on more than 25 years of experience with plant cultivation and close cooperation with leading research institutions. If you stick to the feeding schedule, you’ll get astonishing results.

With more experience, you’ll figure out how to tune the ratio for different plant types and external conditions and see the strength and advantages of the three-component Dutch Formula for yourself. 

Natural Power supplements

The Dutch manufacturer does not overdo it with its range of nutritional supplements - it includes only the ingredients you will actually use. While the fertilisers we mentioned earlier are biomineral, the additives are fully organic, as the name suggests. 

  • The natural link between nutrition and plant health
  • Immune system boost
  • Increased resistance to diseases and pests like Hydrachnidia or Terebrantia 
  • Universally applicable - indoors, outdoors and in any growing media (soil, coco, rock wool, hydroponic systems)
  • Healthier and stronger plants
  • Higher yields 
  • Excellent natural flavour

But what are the individual supplements, what are they for, and how do they work?

Root Stimulatora_AH_ROOOOOOTOKa_AH_Enzymes+

  • Accelerates root development 
  • Strengthens existing roots
  • Improves the natural immune system
  • Provides the perfect basis for higher yields
  • Designed for young plants and fresh cuttings
  • Combine it with Enzymes+ for the best possible results
  • Applied directly to the roots or the place where they will grow from


  • Adds enzymes - activates beneficial soil organisms
  • Helps remove residual salts and decompose dead plant matter
  • Improves the plant’s ability to absorb nutrients
  • More air gets to the healthy roots
  • Applicable during the entire growth cycle
  • For best results, combine it with the Root Stimulator or the Excellarator


  • Boosts metabolic processes in the plant
  • Supports growth
  • Helps plants recover after diseases or pest attacks
  • Applicable during the entire growth cycle

Final Solution 

  • Flushing solution
  • Removes residual salts, excess fertiliser and dead plant matter
  • Improves the resulting taste and smell
  • Prevents moulds
  • Don’t combine it with other products!


Additives provide plants with a single or several compounds they need and might be lacking. Growers use them to treat and prevent deficiencies or to improve the plants’ qualities.


  • Has a high content of available and absorbable amino acids
  • Biostimulant - increases the energy supply and improves plant vitality
  • Immune system boost - more stress resistance
  • More effective photosynthesis and CO2 absorption
  • Overall growth and development boost from roots to buds
  • Ideal boosts after defoliating (see our articleRemoving the leaves for higher yields – how does it work?)

Advanced Silica

  • High-quality silicon dioxide solution
  • Silicon strengthens cell walls and epidermis
  • Natural protection against fungi and infections
  • Silicon also stimulates nutrient absorptiona_AH_PK
  • Stimulates healthy growth
  • Applicable as a foliar spray or in irrigation

Advanced PK

  • Activates and boosts flowering 
  • Phosphorus (P) is necessary for energy distribution and cellular division - stimulates growth
  • Potassium (K) is necessary to transport water and nutrients - helps the plant remain healthy

Advanced Hydroponics also makes pH regulators, which growers use to make the pH level go up or down.

TIP: If you’d like to test the Advanced Hydroponics products on a smaller crop or if you’re a beginner, we recommend the Advanced Hydroponics Starter Kit. The discounted set of versatile fertilisers and additives is one of our absolute bestsellers. a_AH_STARTERPACK

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