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BioTabs fertilisers work like magic. And using them? There’s nothing to it! The Dutch manufacturer based the products on natural processes in the soil and makes no secret of the fact that they copy nature. Following the BioTabs organic growing manual is simple, and almost everything gets done during preparation. Discover the BioTabs solid fertilisers and let nature work for you, even in an indoor garden.


We all know that mother knows best - the same goes for mother nature. All you need to do is listen, and Karel Schelfhout (the founder of BioTabs) did. Ecosystems, myriads of small and large organisms cooperating, are the best way to move forward naturally and grow. biotabs-logo-raster=easy-x400

After using mineral fertilisers for fifteen years, Karel Schelfhout had enough. He wanted to create a completely organic, eco-friendly fertiliser which would be very easy to use and create a natural, productive environment for potted plants to achieve even better yields. Ten years ago, he succeeded. 

How? Well, it’s simple. In nature, the soil contains microorganisms and fungi, which decompose dead plant matter, live in symbiosis with plant roots, and some even actively attack harmful bacteria and moulds, which could harm the plant. They protect the plant, provide more nutrients and help it grow. Also, the nutrients in the soil restore gradually. These are the conditions plants are used to, and we should try our best to recreate them even in our homes, greenhouses and grow tents - BioTabs help you do just that.

Most of their products focus on improving the soil, making it more fertile and productive before planting using solid fertiliser and microorganisms. They also have liquid fertilisers for growers who don’t like using tablets or like to have more control over the nutrition. 

Now, let’s introduce some of the individual products.


BioTabs Tablets

These tablets act as the basis for plant growth. They’re rich in nitrogen (NPK 12-8-8) and beneficial organisms and provide the plant with the basic nutrients it will need for an entire growth cycle. 

  • Slowly releases nutrients for about two months
  • No EC or pH adjustment is necessary
  • 100% organic nutrition that only needs to be applied once
  • No risk of using too much or too little fertiliser
  • Improves the soil
  • Contains microorganisms which release more nutrients

An alternative is the Guerrilla Tabs, which work on the same principle but contain more nitrogen (NPK 15-7-8). Together with Guerrilla Juice, they provide complete nutrition for the entire growth cycle.

TIP: If you use bacteria and fungi to support the plants, we recommend fertilising with organic products. Organic fertilisers increase the diversity of microbes and don’t harm them.Startrex-1500gr

BioTabs Startrex

To give your plants a boost from the start, mix Startrex with the potting soil. It’s rich in silicon, which improves the plant’s resistance to stress (overwatering, temperature extremes, wind, drought) and natural humus.

TIP: The Silicium Flash is the best silicon boost your plants can get. If you add it to the soil (along with Startrex and BioTabs) before planting, you won’t need to use any additional fertiliser for the whole growth cycle.

BioTabs Mycotrex

As the name suggests, Mycotrex powder contains fungi. The fungi increase the plant's ability to absorb nutrients and water by acting as an extension of the root system. Adding these fungi to the substrate prevents fungal diseases - the beneficial microorganisms leave less space and food for the pathogenic strains. Bactrex-50gr_1

BioTabs Bactrex

Similarly to Mycotrex, Bactrex contains microorganisms. However, Bactrex uses bacteria instead of fungi and is more targeted at protecting the plant from pathogenic bacteria and releasing more nutrients.

TIP: Even though they sound similar, we recommend using Bactrex and Mycotrex simultaneously to fully benefit from them. They don’t like each other in the bottle, but when they're in the soil, the bacteria and fungi will work together to increase your yields.

BioTabs OrgatrexOrgatrex-1000ml

Orgatrex is one of the few liquid products by BioTabs. It’s a 100% plant-based growth and flowering stimulator containing plant hormones, organic molasses and trace elements, which strengthen the crop and help the plant create more buds and tasty fruit.

According to Karel Schelfhout, the best way to boost flowering is to use compost tea. BioTabs Compost Tee is based on bat guano and kelp, some of the best natural development boosters. BioTabs also makes a classic liquid PK Booster, which improves the taste and smell of the fruit. To boost the flowering as best as possible, alternate between using the Compost Tee and PK Booster each week (use the Compost Tee in the 4th and 6th week and the PK Booster in the 5th and 7th week of flowering).

TIP: If the only reason you don’t use compost tea is the smell, rest assured: a well-aerated tea smells very little.

Sometimes accidents happen, and even the most experienced growers make mistakes. The Boom Boom Spray is a stimulator which helps plants overcome damage and stress.

The newest addition to the BioTabs range is the SeedPlugs set for successful germination and cloning. 


If you’re interested in the BioTabs products and want to test their recipe on your crop, try their StarterPack, a discounted set of everything you will need for their organic growing method. An alternative is the Guerrilla Box, which uses only two ingredients to ensure excellent yields.

BioTabs were developed to make organic growing child’s play. Naturally, they cooperate well with AutoPot self-watering systems. BioTabs fertilisers get nature to work for you and simplify fertilising - you don’t have to measure exact doses every time you water the plants or worry about pH and EC. If you’d like to make the growing process even more hassle-free, use BioTabs in an AutoPot system, which automatically waters the plants according to their needs without needing any pumps and electricity. 

TIP: You don’t have to use water filtered with reverse osmosis to get the best results with BioTabs, but you shouldn’t use polluted water either. The best rule of thumb is simple: only give the plants the water you would drink yourself.

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