PrimaKlima Ventilators - Better Performance, Less Noise

The traditional German manufacturer PrimaKlima excels in making devices for indoor ventilation. For one, they produce carbon filters, which we covered in a separate article earlier. However, they’re more famous among indoor growers for their reliable, long-lasting ventilators. In this article, we will cover the reasons for their popularity and their many features.


There are no limits to the practical uses of PrimaKlima ventilators in indoor growing. High-quality materials, practical design, long lifespan, discrete operation and eye-catching output. Those are the main characteristics of the many PrimaKlima ventilators in a nutshell. If you’re asking which one is the best, the bestselling temperature-controlled ventilator - the PK125-TC - is shown on the cover photo. The ventilators sound like a dream, right? Now all that matters is on what scale you are growing and what’s your budget. Naturally, the type of ventilator you use will depend mostly on your individual needs. PrimaKlima, as you will see, tries its best to have an option for anyone. 

 We’ll try to explain the differences between the individual lines to help you find your way to the perfect ventilator for the grow room or tent.

PrimaKlima AC ventilators


A ventilator with an AC engine, like the PK100-L, is more suited for occasionally exchanging air in a grow tent. However, in the case of PrimaKlima ventilators, we’re talking about inline fans with backwards-curved blades and aerodynamic cover, which will, regarding their low price, surprise you with their output and no unnecessary pressure loss.

Even though ventilators with an EC engine turn out to be a better investment, the German manufacturer proves that every class of ventilator deserves high quality. Although the PK100-L we mentioned earlier is essentially a simple radial ventilator with one speed setting, several of its aspects clearly represent the consistent quality typical for PrimaKlima. In short, PrimaKlima AC ventilators represent good quality and won’t cost an arm and a leg. 

So, what are the main characteristics of this compact and inexpensive ventilator for small grow tents?

  • A plastic cover may not sound like much, but this polyamide is resistant to heat and impact.
  • No expenses were spared on the engine - the MES AC engine has ball bearings, which lower the noise level and power consumption.
  • Safety first - the ventilator has built-in protection from overheating.

The more simplistic and inexpensive AC ventilators like the PK100-L or PK150-A have no speed regulation - which is (considering their price) the only disadvantage. 


If you’re interested in an AC ventilator with speed regulation, we would like to draw your attention to the PK100-TC. This temperature-controlled ventilator has a high-quality EBM-Papst engine with maintenance-free ball bearings for smooth operation and a long lifespan. The ventilator automatically adjusts speeds speed according to the current temperature. Using a probe on a 4m long cable (see the picture on the right), it continuously monitors the temperature in the growing area and keeps it on the pre-set level by speeding up or slowing down. When the temperature is optimal, it sets itself to the minimum speed of your choice.

There's no wonder that the most popular AC engines by PrimaKlima are the ones with temperature control (TC) like the PK125-TC (an absolute bestseller), PK150-TC and PK160-TC.

Still, the deciding factors in choosing a ventilator are the flange and airflow. The flange diameter of PrimaKlima ventilators is indicated by the number in the middle of its name, right after the letters PK. AC engine ventilators by PrimaKlima have the following range of maximum airflows (the colourful dot on the left side indicates flange diameter):


PrimaKlima EC ventilators

Low consumption, high output! The PrimaKlima ventilators with an EC engine might be a bit more expensive, but they surpass the brushed AC engines in many ways:

  • Uncomparably longer lifespan
  • 3x lower power consumption on average
  • Low noise level, even at low speeds - electronically driven motors start smoothly and without the unnecessary racket.
  • High effectivity
  • Simple and precise speed control using a digital controller
  • Lower operation temperatures and no overheating


Now, let’s introduce the most popular ventilator from this category, which is the PK125EC-TC. The inline ventilator is silent, efficient and driven by the top-shelf Swiss Ziehl-Abegg engine with temperature control. As shown in the above photo, it has three control buttons for setting the desired temperature and the minimum and maximum speeds. 

If you have a large grow tent or even a grow room, we recommend the PK250EC-TC, which can handle double the airflow than the PK125EC-TC while keeping up with all its benefits. 


PrimaKlima Blue Line ventilators

If you’re looking for a high-capacity ventilator with a top-shelf Swiss EC engine for continuous operation and intensive air circulation, these are the ones for you. 

The PK160-ECblue and PK250-ECblue are common choices for medium and large grow tents. Despite their capacity, they’re quiet and energy efficient.

If you’re looking for a truly impressive ventilator, see the four PrimaKlima giants. These professionally used ventilators can handle an incredibly high airflow continuously. What’s more surprising is their noise level which is incredibly low (at 74 dB - imagine a boiling electric kettle) compared to the output. See for yourself here:

These ventilators can continuously run for more than 80 000 hours at full power. Despite the size of the ventilators, which find use in large growing areas and industrial plants, they’re surprisingly easy to handle and install because of the built-in hangers.


PrimaKlima Whisperblower ventilators


The five models of PrimaKlima built around the patented soundproofing technology are a hit among indoor growers. You’ll find out everything you need to know about them in the separate article we wrote about them: Whisperblower: Professional Ventilators of Unrivalled Effectivity

As you can see, there is really something for everyone in the PrimaKlima ventilator range. In combination with carbon filters from the same manufacturer (which we also wrote an article about, as you can see below), we’re sure you’ll assemble a ventilation system you’ll love and use for years without spending a fortune. 

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