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Prima Klima - Carbon Filters To Rely On

Are you struggling with undesirable odours coming out of your indoor grow tent? It’s time to install an odour filter into the ventilation. The effective carbon filters from the leading manufacturer Prima Klima find use not only in indoor growing but also in industrial buildings and households. This article will introduce you to their features and characteristics to make picking the right one easier.


These filters cater to any customer’s requirements and needs, whether they’re looking for a favourable price or the longest possible lifespan. Regardless of the product range, the Prima Klima brand has served as an indicator of guaranteed high quality and reliability for many of our customers for years.

The German manufacturer (which assembles these popular carbon filters in the Czech town Radnice) doesn’t take ecological issues lightly. They keep sustainability in mind during the entire manufacturing process. The PrimaKlima odour filters with activated charcoal are nearly fully recyclable.

Highly porous activated charcoal as the base

Carbon filters use activated charcoal, which absorbs odour particles. The more porous it is, the bigger its surface area. Therefore, the more porous the carbon is, the more it can absorb. To express porosity, we use the CTC number - the more pores there are, the higher the number.

Now let's take a look at the individual product lines.

Please note that all charcoal has a limited lifespan. No filter, no matter how good it is, will last forever.

Prima Klima ECO 

The ECO line filters remove odours reliably and are known as the tried-and-tested classic. They’re the most popular filters by PrimaKlima because of the price-to-performance ratio. And no wonder - they all have a 3cm thick layer of charcoal made from coconut shells with a 75 CTC rating. 


All the filters have a lifespan of about 9 months, but it depends on air pollution, humidity and airflow - as with all carbon filters. These filters have a non-woven pre-filter, which (when cleaned and replaced regularly) can increase the filter’s lifespan. 

Prima Klima ECO filters are a good choice if you can’t decide which filter your grow room needs. They’re a tested classic many growers swear by.

Prima Klima Industry 

The premium Industry line consists of professionally used carbon filters which are appreciated even by the most demanding customers. The filters are characterised by extremely long lifespans and unrivalled odour adsorption. They’re built around a 4cm thick layer of CTC 75 carbon with a surface area of >1200 m²/g - as we said earlier, the larger the surface area, the better the adsorption. 

Naturally, these refillable filters have sturdy steel construction and a lifespan of about 1,5 - 2 years.

Just like the filters from the ECO line, they have a pre-filter which prevents larger particles from polluting the system.


Prima Klima Carbocone CTC 65 and CTC 75

We kept the best for last - the Carbocone filters are truly exceptional, considering their lifespan and effectiveness. They have an innovative (and patented!) conical inner construction. Why conical? PrimaKlima noticed that more air usually flows through the filter nearer to the fan. They made the carbon layer nearest to the fan thicker, which means that the odour particles are adsorbed more evenly. If you'd like a demonstration, see the video by the manufacturer.


Because of the new design, the efficiency of the filter increased by 30%, and its lifespan is 3 years instead of the standard 1-2 years. 

Naturally, the Carbocone filters have durable steel construction, parts, and an unwoven fabric pre-filter.


Don’t forget that the most important factors in picking the right filter are the flange size and maximal airflow. If you’re choosing a carbon filter for the first time or want to dust off the basics, we wrote an article just for you: Carbon Filter - Which one?

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