Guanokalong: Bat Poop for High Yields

a_G_COVERsOKRAJEMGuanokalong is a small company from the Netherlands which produces fully organic, eco-friendly fertilisers made from high-quality ingredients. The basis of the brand’s success is bat guano, a highly effective source of plant nutrition.

The company’s name is a tongue twister at first but rest assured, you won’t forget it easily after seeing the effect of their fertilisers. If you’re into organic growing and eco-friendly, sustainable cultivation, Guanokalong is just the brand for you.

The origin and importance of the ingredients

Guanokalong uses ingredients from all over the world to make its products. They’re renowned for fertilisers based on bat guano sourced in Java and Madagascar. The bat colonies, which have lived for centuries in the caves of these islands, feed on insectspexels-itai-perelman-nasich-7340641 and fruit. The floors of these caves are covered in bat guano, which decomposed over time into fertile compost. 

Guano is a rich source of the main nutrients plants need - nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It has been used as a fertiliser for more than 2000 years. In the 1850s, guano became so valuable that the USA essentially colonised about 70 islands because of it. It became scarce, and mining guano (especially bat guano) is heavily regulated. 

Guanokalong gets the ingredients for their products in an eco-friendly way (they’re Control Union certified since 2012) under the watchful eye of the local authorities. They don’t use any machinery to get the bat guano - instead, they use spatulas and light their way with oil lamps to avoid disturbing the bats. 

Besides bat guano, Guanokalong uses other ingredients from all around the world, such as Sumatran palm tree ash and sea algae from Norway sourced from proven suppliers with appropriate certification. All the organic raw materials come together in Aalten, Netherlands, where two to four employees process them into well-proportioned, balanced products.

Guanokalong solid fertilisers and how to use themBez názvu

Preparing the best possible soil conditions is an effective way of making sure that your plants are healthy, not lacking any nutrients and that they grow into the lush mature beauties you want them to be. If you add slow-release solid fertilisers to the soil, you won’t have to bother fertilising the plants for the whole vegetative period. Afterwards, the nutrients for flowering are gently raked into the substrate to give the plants further nutrition for the demanding process of blooming.

Lava Worm Powder

  • Soil improver
  • Contains crushed volcanic rock and worm castings
  • Rich in micronutrients and trace elements
  • Adds beneficial bacteria and fungi

Guanokalong Powder

  • Main fertiliser 
  • Based on bat guano
  • Speeds up root growth
  • Boosts resistance

Veg Pearls

  • Main fertiliser focused on the vegetative phase
  • Slow-release source of nutrients
  • High nitrogen content
  • Increases resistance to stress

Seaweed Powder

  • Additive for the vegetative and flowering phase
  • Growth stimulator
  • Based on brown sea algae
  • Adds macronutrients, micronutrients and growth hormones

Black Pellets

  • Main fertiliser
  • Based on bat guano with added humic acids
  • Adds more phosphorus for the flowering phase
  • Contains enzymes, calcium and magnesium

Palm Tree Ash 

  • Main fertiliser focused on the flowering phase
  • Boosts blooming
  • Based on the ashes of palm trees from Sumatra
  • Improves acidity balance in the soil

Guanokalong liquid fertilisersliq

Not all growers like to use slow-release solid fertilisers and prefer having more control over their plants’ nutrition. If that’s your case, don’t worry - Guanokalong has a range of liquid fertilisers. The fertilisers are based on organic ingredients and used in small, effective doses.

TIP: Want to combine the best of both worlds? Use the Guanokalong easy feed schedule, which works with solid fertilisers as the base and liquid fertilisers as boosters.

Kalong Grow 

  • Main fertiliser for the vegetative phase
  • Based on sugar molasses
  • Doesn’t add any phosphorus
  • Focused on roots, growth and beneficial microbes

Kalong Bloom

  • Main fertiliser for the flowering phase
  • Based on sugar molasses
  • High potassium content
  • Focused on budding, flowering and beneficial microbes

Guanokalong Florizon

  • Root and bloom stimulator
  • Based on molasses and plant extract
  • Supports root system development
  • High dose of phosphorus

Seaweed Liquid

  • Booster for the entire growth cycle
  • Based on sea algae
  • Adds natural hormones as a stimulator
  • Increases resistance to stress and disease

Guanokalong Extract

  • Blooom stimulator
  • Liquid alternative to the Guanokalong Powder
  • Based on bat guano
  • Taste improver

TIP: The Guanokalong Bat Boost combines the advantages of the Guanokalong Extract (flavour enhancer) and Palm Tree Ash (bloom booster).

It doesn’t sound bad, right? Whether you prefer feeding the plants gradually with a slow-release fertiliser or having total control over the nutrients they get, Guanokalong has a fully organic nutritional plan for your plants (see the Guanokalong feeding charts if you're interested in more). 

If you’re interested in Guanokalong fertilisers or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at We’re here for you!

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