BioNova Veganics – fertilisers not just for vegans

The subject of today's article is a matter of the heart fur us and many of our customers. Many professional growers and home gardeners swear by these fertilisers and refuse to use any others. And no wonder: among organic fertilisers, the VEGANICS line by BIONOVA is nearly unmatched because of its surprising price-to-performance ratio. 

BioNova Veganics fertilisers will make your plants grow to their fullest potential whether you're growing them at home, in the garden, in a greenhouse or in a field. It doesn't make a difference if you're a professional or a beginner who is still learning. And even better - their price makes them available for most growers. The organic fertilisers by the dutch BioNova are affordable.

With BioNova, everyone can grow their own crops and harvest herbs, fruit, and vegetables of the best organic quality. 


You don't have to be a vegan or vegetarian to appreciate fertilisers without animal products. Besides the good feeling you will get by knowing you're supporting the planet you're currently living on, you will also get a fertiliser with natural ingredients and unique formula. The Veganics fertilisers will help you grow herbs, fruit, and vegetables with a natural taste and fragrance like you've never tried before.

The basic NPK fertilisers from the Veganics line are a unique blend of plant-based ingredients and sea minerals purified of animal waste and salts. All the organic ingredients in the fertilisers can be quickly absorbed through roots, stems and leaves and used by the plants. These nutrients also boost the plants' physiology and natural resistance to abiotic stress.

The best way to get familiar with these products is the practical discounted Veganics Hobby Pack.

It contains the basic NPK fertilisers Veganics Grow for the growth phase and Veganics Bloom for the flowering phase. The Hobby Pack also includes X-cel Booster, which hastens development and kicks off flowering. To complete the set, BioNova added Vitasol, a taste improver with beneficial bacteria and mycorhizal fungi, which can make any plant taste better.


Hobby pack Veganics - the „dream team“ among organic fertilisers

The BioNova Veganics is a complete fertiliser line which ensures the most natural and pure way to present your prized plants with the best nutrition possible. And the fertilisers really work miracles. According to our team of seasoned professionals, plants fertilised by BioNova Veganics products can increase their yields five times and bear fruit multiple times a year - all that in a 100% organic, natural way!

When talking about the Veganics line, we simply can't overlook The Missing Link (TML). It's a unique mixture of organic materials, chelated trace elements and fulvic acid, which boosts the natural immune system of all conceivable plant types. The additive makes the plants less susceptible to abiotic stress, pests and diseases. And - as a bonus - it makes your plants so healthy and strong that you can forget any fungicides or herbicides and save a lot of money. It's suitable for any growing media, irrigation system, hydroponics and aeroponics. As the name suggests, it's the missing link between tiny, vulnerable seedlings and lush adult plants. TML forms an inseparable duo with the above-mentioned X-cel Booster.

BioNova vegan fertilisers:

- Discounted BioNova Veganics kit (Hobby Pack)
- 100% organic vegan fertiliser for the vegetative phase (Veganics Grow)
- 100% organic vegan fertiliser for the flowering phase (Veganics Bloom) 
Vegan PK 3/5
X-Cel Booster
The Missing Link
- Vitasol

If you're just as captivated by the Veganics line as we (and our customers) are and would like to know more about it, don't hesitate to contact us. We will gladly share our experiences with BioNova organic fertilisers or help you choose the nutrition which will suit your plants perfectly. We're looking forward to hearing from you at