BudBox - No. 1 Grow Tents in Great Britain

a_a_a_a_BB_COVER_housetypeThe BudBox grow tents are so popular in Great Britain that they’ve won 1st place in the prestigious Garden Culture Magazine awards for the sixth time in a row. Which qualities of these tents are the most appreciated by English hobby and professional growers alike? In what sizes are they available? If you’re looking for a new tent for indoor growing, don’t miss out on this article. 

The traditional brand manufactures grow tents for professionals and hobbyists. Founded in 2004, BudBox™ is the most reliable manufacturer in the field because, for years, they’ve been supplying safe, high-quality, thoroughly tested tents used daily by thousands of satisfied customers - even the most demanding professionals among them.

The tents have been a customer favourite for years because of their ceaseless effort to improve and innovate the already quality models. The following qualities, which will delight any indoor grower, have their rightful place among the main advantages of BudBox tents:

  • Thick, firm frame
  • Durable construction
  • Anti-corrosion treatment
  • Lightproof material
  • Innovative access openings
  • Oversized ventilation openings (20% larger than usual)
  • Thought-out openings for ventilation and cables

a_a_a_a_BB_ocenenisokrajemThe BudBox grow tents are considered iconic because of their many models, sizes, and designs - no matter the budget, available space or individual demands, BudBox has a tent for everyone. A speciality of their range is the atypically shaped tents with a pitched roof, as you can see on the cover photo.

BudBox PRO White are grow tents with white lining developed for the professional or demanding hobbyist who isn’t afraid to pay a bit more for a perfect grow space with the best possible PAR reflectivity. If budget isn’t your primary concern and you’re looking for the best tent considering its price-to-performance ratio and size, you’ll definitely find a great option among the 28 models from this product range.

BudBox PRO Silver are high-quality grow tents with all the advantages of the construction, design and options of the White PRO line, just without the white lining. The only thing BudBox compromised on was the PAR reflectivity, which is lower because of the used Silver Mylar. However, this small change makes the prices of the 28 models from the Silver PRO line much more attractive to many growers. a_a_a_a_BB_Intermediatesrovnání

The image on the right shows the same model (the Intermediate 75x75x160cm) from the White PRO and Silver PRO lines. 

The Silver and White models have the same construction and share a unique trait - the green view window in the front. All the tents from sizes PRO XL (120x120) have it, and it allows you to observe the crops without disturbing their day/night cycle or disrupting the environment.

BudBox LITE are the best option for growers with a tighter budget. BudBox took their PRO tents and stripped them down to the essentials necessary to achieve a great growing environment to create this line. Don’t worry though - they didn’t compromise excessively. Even the cheaper tents are reliable, durable, and won’t let anything through.

All the tents have these qualities and features:

  • Double-cuffed ventilation openings
  • Screened-off passive ventilation
  • Drip tray
  • Durable zippers
  • Double-stitched seams
  • Practical access doors
  • The doors unzip fully

Smaller BudBox grow tents

Do you need a smaller grow box for only a few plants? Try the bestselling BudBox PRO Small (75x75x100cm) with the silver lining. The BudBox Medium (75x75x200) has the same base but is two times taller. It has the highly reflective white lining and allows for growing taller crops. If you’re on a tight budget or just beginning with indoor growing, the BudBox LITE 60x90x90cm is just the thing for you.


Larger BudBox grow tents

The BudBox PRO grow tents are exceptional because of their stability and the thickest frames available on the market. All tents from the PRO XL (120x120) size up have 25mm thick, tempered steel bars treated with a black anti-corrosive coating. All the BudBox PRO (and larger BudBox LITE) tents have metal push&click connectors. No matter what heavy equipment your growing setup needs, you’ll hardly find a tent more capable of bearing that weight than a BudBox PRO tent.


The customer favourite among the white PRO tents is the BudBox PRO XXL+ (150x300x200cm), satisfying even for the more demanding ones among them. If you’re looking for a true giant among tents, don’t overlook the BudBox tents marked Titan - the largest of them is 9m long and 4,5m wide! The tents are available on individual order - if you’d like one, contact us, and we will order it from the manufacturer individually for you.a_a_a_a_BB_NADSTANDARD

So far, we haven’t had a bad review of the BudBox tents. It seems the biggest problem is picking just one from the wide range of types, models and sizes. All the tents are fully compatible with any cultivation style and method. 

Spare your energy and time for your plants. If you have any questions about compatibility, suitable equipment or concerns about a growing topic, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@higarden.eu. Our team of experienced professionals is here for you.

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