BioBizz can fill growers with enthusiasm for organic cultivation

BioBizz started in the Dutch Groningen thirty years ago as a small family business with a modest product range. Since then, they’ve grown into a brand that ships fertilisers into 70 world countries. They didn’t fall asleep on their laurels - their approach remains the same.The best for you and the environment.


a_BB_coversokrajemBioBizz products are sold worldwide, in Europe, North and South America, South Africa and Australia. They supply organic fertilisers, supplements and substrates for indoor and outdoor growing. The people at BioBizz firmly believe that farming should stop relying so heavily on artificial mineral fertilisers and that anything plant-based can be grown using fully natural means. They fully support sustainable cultivation and try to emphasise the significance and potential of self-sufficiency.

Every time you use a BioBizz fertiliser, you can be sure that you’re not contaminating the groundwater or harming the ecosystem and take pride in healthy plants and high yields at the same time. 

The fertilisers don’t contain any artificial additives, synthetic pesticides or heavy metals. They use only 100% certified organic ingredients and always check their origin to ensure that the crop you grow has the excellent natural taste it should and is safe and healthy for anyone who consumes them. To illustrate, you will have trouble finding a brand of fertilisers with more organic certificates on their goods.

BioBizz tests the products on the crop they grow in their own greenhouse. They supply organic food to a local restaurant and a school. a_BB_certifikace2

The 100% organic fertilisers by BioBizz are as versatile as they can be. You can use them virtually anywhere and for any plant type. They have only one weakness: irrigation systems. The large particles in organic fertilisers can clog up the pipes and spoil when stored in a tank for longer periods. 

On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about over-fertilising, which is a problem for many beginners. It’s nearly impossible to use too much organic fertiliser.

100% organic fertilisers


BioGrow is a main fertiliser which stimulates development throughout the growth cycle. It's based on 100% organic sugar beet extract known as vinasse. BioBizz uses a natural fermentation process to extract it. It's treated with enzymes to create glucose, which supports and feeds the beneficial microbes and makes the soil more productive. It contains a balanced mix of all the necessary macronutrients and vitamins B1, B2, C and E to support the plant. 



To fully support flowering and add the higher dose of phosphorus and potassium a plant needs for flowering, BioBizz developed BioBloom. It also contains enzymes, amino acids, hormones and trace elements - all plant-based - to induce flowering and make sure your yields are as tasty and abundant as possible. BioBloom is a main fertiliser which works independently to stimulate flowering.



The third main fertiliser is based on organic fish emulsion from the north sea and sugar beet. It's extracted using natural means and doesn't contain any synthetic preservatives. FishMix improves soil quality by supporting beneficial soil microbes. It's the perfect way to make sure your plants have the nutrient-rich soil they need for quick development and health. FishMix brings the power of the sea to your plants - its only disadvantage is that it smells accordingly, and we don't recommend using it indoors.

TIP: It's important to shake organic fertilisers well before using them.


Organic stimulators


  • Based on seaweed and humic acid
  • Supports root development
  • An extensive root system improves nutrient absorption


  • Increases the size and weight of fruit
  • Improves the natural taste of the crop
  • Supports nutrient uptake
  • Contains fulvic and humic acids


  • First aid for plants suffering from stress
  • Makes the leaves greener
  • Low NPK
  • Seaweed extract

BioHeaven acti_verabioheaven

  • Energy booster
  • Plants retain more moisture
  • Stimulates enzymatic activity 
  • Improves nutrient absorption


  • Boosts immune system
  • Accelerates the metabolism
  • Improves nutrient absorption
  • Stronger and healthier plants from the inside out



  • Creates a permeable coat on the leaves
  • Protect plants from insects and fungi
  • Doesn’t affect the taste of fruit
  • An organic alternative to pesticides
  • Ready-to-use



  • Used for treating deficiencies
  • Adds calcium and magnesium to soft water
  • Organically increases mineral concentration


  • Beneficial microorganisms improve the soil and nutrient uptake while protecting the plant
  • Contains fungi, bacteria and enzymes
  • Extremely concentrated

Fully organic pH regulators

Do you want to adjust the pH of the nutrient solution without losing the benefits of organic farming? Use BioUp and BioDown!


It all starts from the soil. If you want to recycle a used substrate or mix a new one from scratch, we recommend adding PreMix to it - it contains beneficial soil life to optimise plant growth and protect them from diseases and fungi. a_BB_STARTERSPACK

BioBizz also sells prepared substrates: the versatile AllMix and the LightMix for seedlings.

Are you interested in fertilisers by BioBizz? Check out the discounted StarterPack to try them out!

We hope BioBizz will inspire you to try organic cultivation as well. If it sparked any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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