Resin+ LED Lights

The Resin+ LED lights by VF are equipped with diodes by reputable manufacturers: Samsung and Osram. Because of the carefully selected components and design, the Resin+ lights have a high photosynthetic photon efficacy (PPE) of 2.8 µmol/J. PPE determines the number of light particles usable for photosynthesis produced using one joule of electricity. The higher the number, the more effectively the fixture works.

These lights are full-spectrum with emphasis on deep red and far red light. In practice, the fixtures are perfect for both the vegetative and flowering phases. VF Resin+ lights emphasise deep red and far red light because the latest research shows this configuration as the most beneficial for indoor cultivation and is already used successfully in LED grow lights. Deep red light is especially valuable because it increases resin and juice production in plants - and makes the flowers and fruit tastier and more fragrant.

It would be a shame if the high-grade Samsung and Osram diodes got damaged by the high humidity of the grow room, which is why they're covered by the innovative Clear Glue technology. The cover extends the service life of the diodes (about 50 000 hours) by protecting them from corrosion and dust without obstructing the light (99% light transmittance).

Considering their specifications, the lights have an incredible price-to-performance ratio.


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