Grodan Small Grow Cube 75x75x65mm, with a small hole

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Grodan pěstební kostka malá 75x75x65mm, s malou dírou Cover
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This product is a stand-alone Grodan grow cube (75x75x65mm) with a small hole in the middle. Grodan rock wool cubes have been the favourite growing medium for hydroponic cultivation and rooting seedlings and cuttings for a long time. 

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Product detailed description

The 75x75x65mm rock wool cube provides a healthy and clean environment for plants while keeping the air-to-water ratio balanced. This option has a small hole in the middle.

All products by Grodan are eco-friendly and usable in indoor grow tents and outdoor gardens. 

The rock wool plugs are made by melting basalt and calcium at 1500 °C into "rock lava" and pulling it into thin fibres. These fibres are then pressed into a shape of the desired shape and size.

Rock wool is the perfect hydroponic growing medium:

  • It keeps the air-to-water ratio ideal in the root zone, which is perfect for the development of a healthy, branching root system. With a root system like that, the plant can effectively absorb nutrients and prosper in all regards.
  • Allows the grower to have total control over the nutrition.
  • Rock wool is a hydrophilic material, which means that it excels in water retention. 
  • The inert medium doesn't contain any nutrition and doesn't affect the electric conductivity (EC) of the nutrient solution.
  • The incredible stability of rock wool means it increases the pH only slightly.
  • The medium is sterile, which means the plant can develop in an environment that's not contaminated, and the possibility of diseases, moulds and pest infestations is very low.
  • Rock wool cubes are suitable for nearly all hydroponic systems, including NFT and Ebb&Flow systems.
  • Grodan cubes are fully recyclable and reusable. However, you have to clean the cubes before reusing them.
  • In general, Grodan products help growers save on water and fertiliser. 

How to use Grodan grow cubes?

  • First, soak the grow cube in room temperature ( about 25 °C) water with a pH adjusted according to the current needs of the plants between 4,8-6.
  • Because of the excellent water retention qualities of the cube, it will soon reach the same pH value the water has.
  • Let the excess water drain from the cube. Squeezing and wringing the cube is not recommended.
  • Use the cube until you see the plant's roots growing through the bottom, which is a sign you should replant it into a larger cube.

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