PRO-ECO VF Carbon Filters


PRO-ECO VF uhlíkový filtr 240-360m3/h - 125mm Cover
PRO-ECO VF uhlíkový filtr 320-480m3/h - 125mm Cover
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PRO-ECO VF uhlíkový filtr 160-240m3/h - 125mm Cover
Was: €40,90
PRO-ECO VF uhlíkový filtr 370-550m3/h - 125mm Cover
Was: €71,90
PRO-ECO VF uhlíkový filtr 160-240m3/h - 100mm Cover
Was: €47,90
PRO-ECO VF uhlíkový filtr 460-690m3/h - 150mm Cover
PRO-ECO VF Carbon Filter 460-690m3/h - 150mm
Available on request
Was: €97,90
PRO-ECO VF uhlíkový filtr 1300-1950m3/h - 250mm Cover
Was: €219,90
PRO-ECO VF uhlíkový filtr 1900-2850m3/h - 250mm Cover
Was: €284,90
PRO-ECO VF uhlíkový filtr 580-870m3/h - 160mm Cover
PRO-ECO VF uhlíkový filtr 800-1200m3/h - 200mm Cover
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The lightweight PRO-ECO VF carbon filters are an excellent way to remove unwanted odours from the air in any (grow) room. 

Don't be fooled by their small form - a thick layer of activated charcoal granules lines the walls. VF designed a filter with a 4cm layer of activated carbon without making the whole filter bulky - it's effective and fits even smaller spaces other filters can't.

The PRO ECO VF filters have an ingenious construction building on the ECO VF filters - an aerodynamic shape for better airflow, filters on both sides of the charcoal layer to keep it from any pollution and a compact design which can fit most spaces. These filters are quickly gaining the hearts of experienced an beginner growers alike.

Each filter includes a separate pre-filter, which is washable. Pre-filters increase the lifespan of filters by keeping dust particles out and they're reusable for several growth cycles.

PRO ECO VF filters are available in different sizes and options. Use the table below to pick the right one to fit your needs. If you'd like to talk to an expert before buying a filter, contact us at

Filter Flange  Opt. Airflow Max. Airflow Length w/o flange Diameter  Carbon weight  Total weight
PRO-ECO VF 170/100 100mm 130m3/h 170m3/h 15cm 18cm 1,1kg 1,35kg
PRO-ECO VF 240/100 100mm 160m3/h 240m3/h 20cm 18cm 1,6kg 2,1kg
PRO-ECO VF 240/125 125mm 160m3/h 240m3/h 15cm 20cm 1,2kg 1,8kg
PRO-ECO VF 360/125 125mm 240m3/h 360m3/h 20cm 20cm 1,7kg 2,3kg
PRO-ECO VF 480/125 125mm 320m3/h 480m3/h 30cm 20cm 2,85kg 3,6kg
PRO-ECO VF 550/125 125mm 370m3/h 550m3/h 40cm 20cm 3,6kg 4,4kg
PRO-ECO VF 690/150 150mm 460m3/h 690m3/h 40cm 23cm 4,4kg 5,2kg
PRO-ECO VF 870/160 160mm 580m3/h 870m3/h 60cm 24cm 6,8kg 7,9kg
PRO-ECO VF 1050/160 160mm 700m3/h 1050m3/h 70cm 24cm 7,9kg 9kg
PRO-ECO VF 1200/200 200mm 800m3/h 1200m3/h 50cm 28cm 7,3kg 8,6kg
PRO-ECO VF 1950/250 250mm 1300m3/h 1950m3/h 70cm 33cm 12,5kg 14kg
PRO-ECO VF 2850/250 250mm 1900m3/h 2850m3/h 100cm 33cm 17kg 19kg