Prima Klima Industry Line Carbon Filters

These premium industrial carbon filters feature a 4cm thick layer of high-quality active carbon. They're designed and made with proverbial German precision and quality standards.

Even the smallest Industry models provide remarkably effective air filtration, odour absorption and durability. The secret of their fantastic results is not only the smart metal construction but also the high-quality CTC 75 carbon with an unrivalled active absorptive surface (>1200 m2/g). The carbon is in contact with the filtered air for an exceptionally long time - the unwanted odours don't stand a chance!

Industry line filters are appropriate even for professional growers - they are much more efficient and have double the lifespan of the ECO line filters. They can be installed horizontally or vertically.

Industry filters are available in different sizes and options. Use the table below to pick the right one to fit your needs. If you'd like to talk to an expert before buying a filter, contact us at

Filter Flange (mm) Optimum Airflow (m3/h) Max. Airflow (m3/h) Length (cm) Diameter (cm) Charcoal Weight (kg) Total weight (kg)
Industry K1600 100mm 180m3/h 280m3/h 25cm 18cm 1,5kg 2,5kg
Industry K1601 100mm 280m3/h 420m3/h 40cm 18cm 2,4kg 3,7kg
Industry K1602 125mm 180m3/h 260m3/h 20cm 20,5cm 1,5kg 2,6kg
Industry K1603 125mm 360m3/h 460m3/h 40cm 20,5cm 2,9kg 4,5kg
Industry K1604 125mm 460m3/h 700m3/h 60cm 20,5cm 4,5kg 6,6kg
Industry K1605 150mm 460m3/h 680m3/h 50cm 23cm 4,5kg 6,8kg
Industry K1606 150mm 820m3/h 1080m3/h 80cm 23cm 7,1kg 10,3kg
Industry K1607 160mm 460m3/h 720m3/h 50cm 24cm 4,5kg 6,9kg
Industry K1608 160mm 880m3/h 1150m3/h 80cm 24cm 7,4kg 10,8kg
Industry K1609 200mm 810m3/h 1090m3/h 50cm 28cm 5,3kg 8,3kg
Industry K1610 200mm 1150m3/h 1650m3/h 80cm 28cm 8,7kg 12,9kg
Industry K1611 250mm 1200m3/h 1800m3/h 75cm 33cm 10,4kg 15,4kg
Industry K1612 250mm 1800m3/h 2700m3/h 100cm 33cm 13,4kg 19,7kg
Industry K1613 315mm 1800m3/h 2700m3/h 75cm 41,5cm 15,7kg 22,3kg
Industry K1614 315mm 2400m3/h 3600m3/h 100cm 41,5cm 24,5kg 32,7kg
Industry K1615 315mm 2800m3/h 4700m3/h 125cm 41,5cm 29,1kg 38,8kg



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