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PrimaKlima CarboCone CTC75 Carbon Filters

Carbocone is a brand new line of high-quality German filters. They have an innovative (and patented!) conical inner construction. Why conical? Because more air usually flows through the filter near the fan. The carbon layer is thicker on that side to account for it. If you'd like a demonstration, see the video by the manufacturer.
The new patented design allows for more effective filtration and a longer lifespan - they can last up to 3 years. The main advantages of these filters are:

  • Uses up less carbon
  • Most durable product on the market (lasts up to 30% longer than other filters)
  • Significantly more effective absorption

The Carbocone filters us CTC65 activated charcoal, the same high-quality carbon used in the Industry Line.

Carbocone filters are available in different sizes and options. Use the table below to pick the right one to fit your needs. If you'd like to talk to an expert before buying a filter, contact us at

Filter Flange (mm) Max. Airflow (m3/h) Length w/o flange (cm) Diameter (cm) Charcoal (CTC*) Charcoal weight (kg) Total Weight (kg)
K4600-CTC65 100mm 400m3/h 50cm 18cm CTC 65 3,85kg 5,5kg
K4601-CTC65 125mm 600m3/h 62,5cm 20cm CTC 65 5,45kg 7,75kg
K4602-CTC65 150mm 900m3/h 75cm 23cm CTC 65 8,05kg 11,2kg
K4603-CTC65 160mm 1000m3/h 80cm 24cm CTC 65 8,8kg 12,5kg
K4604-CTC65 200mm 1400m3/h 100cm 28cm CTC 65 13,05kg 18,1kg
K4605-CTC65 250mm 3000m3/h 105cm 41,5cm CTC 65 29,45kg 38kg
K4606-CTC65 315mm 4700m3/h 125cm 41cm CTC 65 34,3kg 44kg
K3600-CTC75 100mm 400m3/h 50cm 18cm CTC 75 2,65kg 4,3kg
K3601-CTC75 125mm 800m3/h 62,5cm 20cm CTC 75 3,95kg 6,25kg
K3602-CTC75 150mm 900m3/h 75cm 23cm CTC 75 5,6kg 8,75kg
K3603-CTC75 160mm 1000m3/h 80cm 24cm CTC 75 6kg 9,7kg
K3604-CTC75 200mm 1400m3/h 100cm 28cm CTC 75 9,15kg 14,2kg
K3605-CTC75 250mm 3000m3/h 105cm 41,5cm CTC 75 23,05kg 31,6kg

*a higher CTC means better adsorption



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