Terra Aquatica PermaBloom (FloraMato) Fertilisers

Grow around the clock! The Terra Aquatica PermaBloom (previously General Hydroponics FloraMato) is for plants which bear fruit repeatedly. The fertiliser improves the taste and increases their yields. PermaBloom is popular among growers worldwide because of its unique composition and versatility: you can apply it to soil and coco substrates and hydroponics. 

 Terra Aquatica constantly improves the formula - you can be sure you keep up with the latest scientific discoveries with every new bottle.

PermaBloom provides balanced mineral nutrition for crops such as chilli, tomatoes, peppers, beans, melons and strawberries.

TIP: Explore the wonderful supplements, which are indespensable, as is the basic nutrition by Terra Aquatica. Don't hesitate to add them to your basket - you will surely appreciate them when the next harvest arrives, and you'll see the results.


 (Volume 500ml)
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