Terra Aquatica DualPart (FloraDuo) Fertilisers

The sophisticated two-component A+B nutrition is popular among growers worldwide because of its unique composition and versatility: you can apply the T.A. DualPart (previously called FloraDuo) to soilcoco and hydroponics

Even though the DualPart two-component mineral nutrition is one of the most effective fertilisers available, it's surprisingly easy to use and will satisfy even inexperienced growers and gardeners. DualPart is not just a simplification of the TriPart fertiliser - the effective formula, containing only the purest ingredients for the vegetative and flowering phases, was developed by the renowned NASA chemist Cal Hermann.

We should point out that most two-part fertilisers on the market need four bottles for the growth cycle (2xA and 2xB). DualPart is literal when they say that the nutrition is two-component - you need only two bottles from the beginning of the growth cycle to the bountiful harvest. 

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