Terra Aquatica DualPart Coco (FloraCoco)

Do you use coco for plant cultivation? If you do, don't miss out on the benefits the two-component A+B nutrition by Terra Aquatica (General Hydroponics) has for experienced and beginner growers. The unique composition of the DualPart Coco (GHE FloraCoco) designed for coco substrates has for years amazed growers worldwide.

DualPart Coco is a mineral fertiliser exceptionally rich in calcium and magnesium. It contains an array of elements plants grown in buffered coco substrates need for healthy and vital growth, followed by large and beautiful flowers and juicy fruit. The unique formula allows the plants to use their full flowering potential, which you'll tell immediately after harvest by the taste and smell of the final product.

Just as most nutrients by Terra Aquatica, DualPart Coco Grow and Bloom are used during the entire growth cycle. The ratio and dosage change according to the T.A. feeding chart depending on the current growth phase.

TIP: Explore the wonderful supplements, which are indespensable, as is the basic nutrition by Terra Aquatica. Don't hesitate to add them to your basket - you will surely appreciate them when the next harvest arrives, and you'll see the results.


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