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Whisperblower: Professional Ventilators of Unrivalled Effectivity

In this article, we would like to introduce a ventilator by the German PrimaKlima, which specialises in making first-class ventilation and lighting. Our specialists were intrigued by the new design, developed in collaboration with EBM-Papst Motoren, which provides unmatched results. 

WHISPERBLOWER1Ceaseless innovation has been the number one priority at PrimaKlima for years, and we can, once again, test one of the concrete proofs of that claim.

If you’re looking for a professional, reliable, exceptionally powerful and yet discreet ventilator, your options just got substantially more interesting. The engineers at PrimaKlima completely re-evaluated current principles of airflow and turned the new findings into a purely functional design - The Whisperblower - which provides users with the following:

  • Optimised airflow at a considerably higher pressure.
  • Actual electric consumption remains at levels comparable to conventional, less effective ventilators.
  • The noise level is about 2,5 times lower.

The manufacturer compares the ventilators to a rollercoaster. Imagine you're riding one right now - that's exactly the airflow and pressure they were going for. The graphs below illustrate just how well they did.


In our opinion, the most intriguing and technologically advanced ventilator from the Whisperblower line is the PK125WHSP-ECTC, controlled by a built-in thermostat and with a maximum airflow of 750 m3/h.

The revolutionary Whisperblower ventilators accommodate the practical needs of all growers. They’re available in three different options:

And what exactly is new and improved in the ventilators’ construction?

  • Patented SuperSilent EMB-Papst RadiCal engine
  • New geometry of the blades
  • Resilient and heat-proof nylon case (UL94)
  • Maintenance-free ball bearings for a long lifespan and unparalleled silent operation


We trust that the line of modern ventilators for indoor growing captured your interest just as it caught ours. 

If you’re currently picking a ventilator for the grow tent or room, contact us at if you’d like some advice on the plethora of available options.

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