ONA: (Not Only) Solid Odour Neutralisers

The Canadian ONA has been making original solid odour absorbents since 1995. Because there is no point in covering up a smell if you can simply remove it, right? Each of the six fragrant options is ideal for smaller rooms and grow boxes. And much more!


Cultivating plants at home in a grow tent doesn’t mean a full absence of unpleasant odours, even with the appropriate ventilation and a carbon filter. Especially during the period of increased humidity associated with the late flowering period and fruiting, it’s common to feel a slight but unpleasant odour or remaining aroma coming from the growing space. 

Forget having the windows open day and night or covering up the odour with products that never pay off. The smart solution is odour neutralisers, capable of absorbing organic and inorganic odours. After ONA gets rid of the smell for you, it replaces it with a pleasant fragrance of your choosing. ONA products are based on plant terpenes, which also have antiseptic and antibacterial effects

Because it doesn’t cover the smelly molecules but gets rid of them entirely, it increases the amount of oxygen in the grow space, which is beneficial to both the plants and the grower. 

What are the main advantages of ONA products?

  • They’re versatile - ONA sells many extensions and options for using the blocks in many different ways.
  • They’re portable - because of the small container size (only 7,5 x 7,5 cm), you can take them with you into the car or a sports locker.
  • They’re solid - you can simply take them out of the container to increase their effectiveness.

And how to use the basic ONA Block? It’s simple - just unscrew the lid and let it do its thing. If you don’t want to use a solid odour neutraliser, ONA also makes an air freshener and a gel option.


We also have to pinpoint the additions and gadgets for ONA neutralisers. For example, the Block Dispenser and Mist Dispenser automatically spray the neutraliser into the air for more effectiveness. The ONA Breeze and Misting Dome work similarly but can cover larger areas. If you want to hide the neutraliser from sight, consider getting the Odour Control Duct, which connects to existing ventilation.


Do you want to keep the ONA neutraliser on you but don’t want to lug around a large tub of the stuff? Try their spray card! It’s smaller than a classic credit card (but slightly thicker) to fit into any pocket. 

What are the many applications of ONA products?

ONA is well-known amongst indoor growers, but that doesn’t mean that grow tents are the only place where they’re useful! They’re designed for versatility - they find and destroy any unpleasant organic or inorganic smell. The manufacturer fully recommends using them in: hotel or motel rooms, sports locker rooms, garbage areas, confined areas, compost areas, heating vents and ducts, factories, smoking rooms, kitchens, old cellars and more. 

All products by ONA are food safe.

ONA products come in six different options, and all smell amazing (in our opinion). 

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