Silicon and plant health

Are you wondering what more you can change or improve to get larger and more beautiful flowers and fruits in the next harvest? Do you want to make your plants more resistant? Make sure to focus on silicon as well!


 Basic NPK nutrition is not enough for an experienced grower. On the contrary - they know that it's only the foundation of the complete nutrition and metabolism support necessary for incredible yields.

Silicon (Si) is a metalloid common in the Earth’s crust. Silicon is vital for humans because it takes part in several biochemical processes as a necessary part of many enzymes. It's crucial for plants as well. Yet, it often remains overlooked in indoor and outdoor plant cultivation. Let’s sum up the many advantages of using suitable products with a high content of high-quality, absorbable silicon (like the Atami B’cuzz Silic Boost).

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The advantages of adding silicon into the substrate and irrigation:

  1. Let's start from the basics. A strong, resistant and extensive root system is fundamental for healthy plant growth and development. Silicon helps with creating the optimal root system we just described.
  2. Plants use silicon to strengthen their cellular walls, which results in stronger stems. Just as with roots, firm stems make for more vital plants and a better harvest.
  3. Silicon helps plants absorb more nutrients more effectively so that none of the fertilisers you add through irrigation are wasted.
  4. Moulds and fungal diseases are every grower’s nightmare. Silicon increases plants’ resistance to fungal diseases - they’ll be firm and deal better with a potential infection.
  5. Silicon makes plants greener and helps them create more energy by increasing chlorophyll production.
  6. Speaking of photosynthesis, silicon also increases the absorption of CO2 - carbon dioxide, necessary during the process. 
  7. Last but not least, adding silicon into the nutrition results in heavier fruits.


As we mentioned earlier, silicon naturally occurs in the Earth’s crust and is found in soil and soil substrates. But that doesn’t mean that adding products containing silicon into the irrigation has no point for plants growing in the soil! The soil can get depleted, or you might want to provide an additional boost. However, supplementing silicon is most beneficial for plants growing in hydroponic systems and inert growing media like coco, clay pebbles (hydroton) or rock wool

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