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The Ambient line is the flagship of the Homebox brand. Their design blends in perfectly with any home interior. The Ambient tents are the perfect combination of a tent that actually looks nice and lasts a long time.

The Ambient+ white grow tents are 20 cm larger than the Ambient boxes. This line is popular with all kinds of home growers all around the world for many reasons - mainly because they have a higher reflectivity than the previous line and provide more space. 

As a representative example of the classics, we should mention one of Ambient's bestsellers - the Q120 (120x120x200 cm), which will provide your plants with only the best environment. The tent is low-maintenance, easy to assemble and has a net on the intake, protecting the crop from pests. Naturally, it's perfect for growing potted plants and using irrigation systems. 

The tiniest version is the Q30, which measures 30x30x60 cm. Because of its compact size, it can fit anywhere - check out this video to see how easily it can match an interior. The simple maintenance, good looks and low price make it an excellent choice for modest crops.

If you don't have a lot of space and need to use it efficiently, the Q80+ tent is the perfect option. It's higher than most tents - you can grow more (or taller) plants in the same area.

For seedlings and smaller plants, check out the R80 S tent. It gives surprisingly good results when combined with lower-wattage lighting.

More experienced growers planning an extensive crop will appreciate a larger version like the popular R240 Growbox.