Homebox Ambient R150, 150x80x200cm

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A new dimension from the popular Homebox brand, that's what's new for 2023/24. The popular white tent in German quality standard fits perfectly into any interior and is suitable for all stages of the plant life cycle.

  • Special reflective film PAR+ for more light and less heat
  • Solid metal construction (22mm poles)
  • Reinforced joints and durable zippers
  • Easy to assemble and maintain
  • Unique design

Detailed information

Product detailed description

HOMEbox® Ambient R150 provides a growing space of 2.4m3. The bright tents with white foil are perfect for home growing and, thanks to the top quality of all components, are also the first step towards a crop worthy of a professional.

Give your plants superior conditions and you will see that they will reward you with a breathtaking harvest! Thanks to special PAR+ film your plants will be extremely vigorous and grow under artificial light like water. Here's an overview of the key features you can rely on when growing a variety of herbs and flowers in this growbox:

  • Thehighly reflective PAR+ lining was designed specifically for these tents. Firstly, it increases lighting efficiency by reflecting more light and at the same time reflecting less heat energy so that plants are not exposed to excess heat.
  • Plenty of ventilation holes of different diameters for air intake and exhaust.
  • OMNIFLOW-AIRVENT - allows you to direct fresh air exactly where you need it.
  • TOTAL-BLACKOUT-ZIPPER - a highly durable zipper that light cannot penetrate. Not even a little. It will do without any supporting Velcro or additional flaps.
  • Waterproof bottom - no worry of drowning when you're away for long periods of time.
  • Durable shell and 22mm bars. You'd have to really want the shell to rip, which along with the robust construction including reinforced plastic joints ensures extra long life for the growbox.
  • Pest netting. This has a thickness of 700 µm and is located on the ventilation intake to prevent any uninvited guests from getting inside the growbox and causing havoc.

For the Ambient Q120 we recommend especially the 400-600w LED lighting. Overall, this model is destined for cultivating plants under a light source with a slightly higher wattage. The best investment in artificial lighting in the long term is modern LEDs. If you're serious about growing in a growbox, get them as your primary light source to perfectly mimic the sun's rays for your plants. We recommend, for example, the Lumatek brand, the ZEUS a ATTIS, Viparspectra panelsor, more recently, Mars Hydro. You will also find the following products useful additional light source for the so-called lighting those areas in the tent that the primary source does not fully illuminate.

This growbox is suitable for indoor plant growing in pots i hydroponic systems. It is well suited for popular hydroponic systems such as AutoPot, Atami Wilma or Terra Aquatica.

The professional tents of the Ambient range provide all the prerequisites for a successful harvest, whatever you grow in substrate. These growing media are the most popular with our customers:

In terms of Fertilisers, here's a selection of the best you can use in the Homebox Ambient:

Technical Specifications Homebox Ambient R150:

Tent size 150 x 80 x 200 cm
Growing area of the tent 1,2m2
Recommended lighting 400-600W LED
Doors 1x at the front

Additional parameters

Category: Homebox Ambient Grow Tents
Width: 150
Depth: 80
Height: 200
PFHGX: Levné, Nejprodávanější, Doporučené, Kvalitní, Značkové, Základní
Volume: Large
The item has been sold out…

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