Fertilizers A+B or Why is it not in one bottle?

Beginning growers often wonder how these two-component fertilizers work and why they need to be separated. Today's article summarizes the answers, focusing precisely on the basic plant nutrition, always produced in two bottles.


High-quality two-component fertilizers represent a truly nutritious cocktail of essential nutrients, minerals, and other substances that promote rapid and healthy plant growth. They are available for use in soil, coconut substrate, and hydroponics.

The high concentration of beneficial substances is reflected not only in the issue of dosage, where it is necessary to adhere to certain limits and procedures, but also in the fact that some substances would react undesirably together in a concentrated bottle, causing some essential substances for the plant, contained in a smaller ratio, to be literally absorbed by other dominant substances.

Another reason why two-component fertilizers are most commonly sold in two bottles is soil life. A healthy and well-branched root system of a plant, as a basic prerequisite for a rich harvest, represents a complex ecosystem in which various microorganisms play a key role. Their representation should also be as balanced as possible. Small predators and peaceful tribes have their irreplaceable place here. In the microcosm, which means in the soil or similar substrate (soil mixes), where your flowers grow, the same rules apply in this regard as in nature as a whole.


If we were to place these elements necessary for plant development into one bottle, even the best fertilization results would be negligible, as a significant portion of the beneficial substances would simply disappear over time in favor of some dominant substance. Such is the law of nature, and fertilizer manufacturers must respect it. An ideal example from the "big nature" is the African savannah, where giraffes, elephants, lions, goats, zebras, and monkeys live alongside each other. Such an ecosystem has been stable and functional since time immemorial. We can map a certain food chain, but it is part of the ecosystem, and individual species in it naturally and permanently coexist. However, what happens if you leave a lion pack together in one big cage with other species? The answer is obvious. Soon, only lions remain. And that is, of course, an undesirable reaction.

Therefore, it is necessary to sufficiently separate dominant substances and microorganisms in plant nutrition products from others during production, which is also the reason why we have basic growth fertilizers, labeled as GROW, available in one bottle, and bloom fertilizers, labeled as BLOOM, in the second bottle, although they are dosed at the same time, and many growers logically wonder in the beginning: "Why don't they just put it all in one?"

When different elements are supplied to the growing medium separately in the form of bottles A + B, they can coexist and support the plant in its growth.


The same applies to various additives, whether they are flower boosters, growth and root stimulators, enzymatic preparations, or, for example, soil improvers:

  • They are not always dosed the same.
  • They cannot always be mixed with basic fertilizer.
  • The content of certain substances contained in quality additives would disproportionately increase the price of the base.
  • The weights of individual bottles vary with respect to the plant's developmental stage, so they can be adjusted accordingly.

To ensure certainty in the application of individual plant nutrition products, procedures and dosage tables suggested directly by the manufacturer are recommended.

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