Atami B'cuzz Fertilisers

The line of professional liquid fertilisers includes basic nutrition, excellent boosters and other additives. 

The products are divided further according to the growing medium they're meant for.

Soil substrates
- Soil A+B is a two-component basic fertiliser for indoor and outdoor gardens
- The Soil Booster is a growth stimulator with bacteria and microorganisms
- The Root Stimulator promotes root development and improves soil life
- Use the 1-Component Soil for substrates rich in calcium

Coco substrates
Coco A+B is a two-component basic fertiliser perfect for coco coir 
- The Coco Booster has positive effects on the citric acid cycle for even better results

Hydroponic systems
- Hydro A+B is a two-component basic fertiliser ideal for hydroponic systems
- The B'cuzz Tabzz are unique effervescent tablets which improve the taste and quality of the harvest

Not all Atami B'cuzz products are specialised for a single growing medium. For example, the popular organic Bloom Stimulator is suitable for soil and hydroponics. 

What about silicon, aren't your plants suffering from a deficit? If they need a boost, Atami has got you covered.

Don't forget about the final pre-harvest treatment to improve the quality of the harvest.

See Atami B'cuzz feeding charts for detailed information on the dosage.


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Atami B'cuzz Silic Boost
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Atami B’cuzz Bloom Stimulator
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soil booster
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Atami B’cuzz Soil Booster
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root stim
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coco booster
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Atami B’cuzz Coco Booster
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